All about the entertainment offer on Turkish Airlines flights

So you can enjoy the best of all worlds – entertainment on the ground and in the air. You are free to choose what suits you best; Turkish Airlines has selected everything for you. The selection includes movies, TV shows, live TV shows, interactive games, books of different types, magazines Skylife, children’s cartoons, news shows, weather forecasts and much more.

Passengers on board TA flights have access to super-fast Wi-Fi providing access to a wide range of websites; the service can be used for e-mail, Internet browsing, shopping, video conferencing or interactive games, …

Newspapers, magazines and books

The passenger has the choice between reading them at their leisure or being presented with information via an electronic device such as an iPad, Kindle, Nook or other tablet. They also have the opportunity to read their favorite magazines and newspapers on board the aircraft.

Flight information and maps

In-flight services include information about the current location of the aircraft as well as a map showing its position at all times. This service allows passengers to know where they are, even if they do not know their exact position.

In-flight speed internet (WIFI)

A service that allows passengers to access the internet through their own devices while in flight.

Children can be entertained on board Turkish Airlines flights

The plane should be an efficient means of transport for children, but also a place where they can have fun.

The selection of films accessible via TV screens on board TA aircraft includes a wide selection of cartoons, documentaries about animals or people, educational films for preschoolers, films for teenagers, stories adventure and more. For adults, there are also classic films, action films, comedies, documentaries and historical films.

Internet access on board allows you to surf the web via your own browser during the flight. This service provides access to various internet sites and services such as social networks, e-mail, news sites, online stores, video sharing sites, etc. You receive a personal link that allows you to log in from anywhere at any time. You can choose to use this link to view the content directly on your device or to share it with others via social networks.

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