Turkish Airlines: Create a family account and collect your Smiles together

The Miles&Smiles Family Program is a loyalty sub-program that allows members to accumulate points in their personal family account for trips made by family members and to use the accumulated points to benefit from premium service.

In the Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles program, the family membership is created at the request of the member. A joint account is created with the family membership, all subscribers under the family membership can view the account activities of other family Membership .

Turkish Airlines thinks about families

The Turkish Airlines loyalty program presents a new service allowing you to transfer your Miles to other members of your family.

Thanks to this new service, any Miles&Smiles member can now create a family account and invite other family members online free of charge.

If this member has children, he can invite them on condition that they are not married and that their age is less than 25 years old.

The family representative can thus transfer Miles from the accounts of other members to his own at any time. The Miles shared in this way allow faster access to the rewards and offers of the program and benefit everyone.

Miles&Smiles can bring together an indefinite number of members. It is available on subscribers online profile from Turkishairlines.com.

Create a Family account in two steps

Accumulate points with the whole family even faster. Add parents to the program, get points on a joint account and use it together for a comfortable trip.

Registration to create this account must be done from the Miles&Smiles account. Log in to create your family account today.

What should be done?

– Choose the head of the family

The head of household is the member on whose account all family points are accumulated. A program participant who has reached the age of eighteen and whose personal account has the status “Active” can become the head of the family.

– Add family members

The head of the family must send a request to create a personal family account from the personal account using the online form. Each family member must be registered in the Miles&Smiles program by having one of its four statuses: Classic, Classic Plus, Elite or Elite Plus. In order to add new family members or detach a family member’s personal account from the family program, you must submit a request using the form.

– Accumulate points on your family account

From the moment the personal accounts of the family members are linked to the personal account of the head of the family, the points for the trips paid for and actually made by the family subscribers, as well as the points for the purchase of goods by family members, the use of the services of exclusive associates, are accumulated in the personal account of the head of the family.

– Issue award tickets

The head of the family has the opportunity to issue a premium service for himself and any family member for the miles points accumulated in the personal account of the head of the family.

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