Online check-in service is available on all Freebird Airlines flights

The main step to flying is check-in, which can be done online, at the airport or at a kiosk. A key step when you fly, check-in is essential to confirm your presence on board.

Check-in is the process by which you confirm to the airline that you are going to travel and by which you receive your boarding pass. There are two types of check-in: online and face-to-face.

This is the process of obtaining your boarding pass from your computer or mobile phone. It is normally two days to a few hours before flight time. In some cases you can take your boarding pass online and sometimes it is mandatory to print it. The airline will tell you when you will.

Checking in on a flight offered and served by Freebird Airlines online? This service is totally free with this airline, and it is offered and available on all its domestic and regional flights.

The advantage of this option is that it allows you to avoid queues at the counter to receive your boarding pass.

To check-in for your Freebird Airlines flight online, go directly to the Manage my Booking section. Use your booking reference to log in and complete your check-in.

Print your boarding pass

If you have printed your boarding pass, be sure to keep it safe as you will need it when going through security. If you haven’t received your boarding pass yet, you can still print it from home.

Online check-in is a convenient way for you to check in before going to the airport, and it’s also an easy way for passengers to get your boarding pass without queuing at the airport. .

After this is done online, whether on your airline’s website or mobile app, you don’t need to do anything different. Go to the airport, and go to the security checkpoint to pass your checked baggage through the control. Alternatively, if you are traveling with hand luggage only, you can proceed directly to the boarding area.

Your check-in can also be done on mobile

You probably know the problem with check-in and boarding passes. Either you check in at the airport and then have to wait forever for your turn, or you miss the start of the online check-in and therefore sit in the back of the toilet on the middle seat. And how many times have you printed out your extra boarding pass only to lose it at security? There is a solution for this, Freebird Airlines Check in Apps.

Especially if you travel a lot and always have to consider check-in times, you should think about getting the check-in app.

This way you will never miss a check-in again and at the same time you can be sure to get your favorite seat. In addition to many other extras, the Check in apps also offer you a mobile version of your boarding pass, which you can also use without an Internet connection, so that you always have it quickly at hand.

Check-in at the airport: How long does it take to arrive at the counters?

Because we lack arms in airports and it risks getting stuck at the same time at luggage, at security checks and at customs. Therefore, you must arrive three hours in advance for a long-haul flight and two hours in advance for a domestic flight.

It is therefore advisable to check in online to streamline the journey at the airport.

Checking in at the airport is the same process as obtaining your boarding pass, but in this case it is done at the airport. You just have to go to the counters of your airline and do it with an employee or do it yourself in one of the machines. In some cases, it is mandatory to check in at the airport to review immigration documents.

The classic approach corresponds to a check-in directly at the airport. The first thing to do when you arrive is to find your airline operating your flight. This information is displayed on all screens at the airport. Knowing that an airport is divided into several terminals and that the companies are dispatched to the different terminals, it is up to you to look at which terminal your Freebird Airlines company is connected to.

Once in the right place, you will have to go to the check-in counter for your flight. Agents from your airline will be present to accompany you throughout this process. This is also where you will drop off your baggage for the hold of the aircraft. There are also automatic terminals at airports. Thanks to them, you save time by quickly receiving your boarding pass. Once done, go to the counter to drop off your suitcases.

Boarding pass: How to obtain this document?

The boarding pass is the document you receive to fly with Freebird Airlines. It can be electronic by presenting it on your mobile phone or tablet or printed. You will need it when entering the security area and when boarding the plane.

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