Infant and Child baggage allowance on Turkish Airlines flights

There is no age at which children can fly with Turkish Airlines. In fact, there is no problem for them to do so since they were discharged from the hospital after birth. In addition, the younger the child, the easier it is to travel with him because at certain ages he only sleeps, eats and is in the arms of his parents.

Children tend to relate more to the environment, so the challenge here is to keep them entertained so they don’t turn into Tasmanian devils that might bother other travellers.

Are infants entitled to their own baggage on board Turkish Airlines flights?

When the baby does not have his own seat and travels sitting on the lap of one of the parents, he is not entitled to his own luggage.

However, and according to each company, you will be authorized to take a baby bag with its basic elements for the trip such as nappies, spare clothes, food and toys, … You can board the plane with this bag. It is usually placed under the seat or directly in the cabin.
The baggage allowance offered to infants and babies differs depending on the fare class

On domestic flights, small travelers (travelling without a ticket) are entitled to 10kg in the hold and a handbag in the cabin, regardless of whether they are traveling in Economy or Business class.
On the other hand, if the parents take an international THY flight, they can carry the same baggage allowance in addition to a collapsible stroller.

In business class, they are entitled to the same baggage allowance, but the weight is improved (23kg).

In the cabin, each passenger can carry 8kg of Baggage (handbag) for their child.

If you wish to book a separate seat for your baby, you will need to contact the Turkish Airlines Special Assistance Service by telephone to contract the ticket for the baby with these characteristics and indicating the system chosen for your child.

Take food and baby food in your baggage?

Whatever the duration of the flight, you will be able to board with the food your baby needs. It is recommended to leave them in the handbag or the small suitcase which is placed at the foot or under the seat. The aim is that the baby’s food is always available with the rest of the accessories without having to disturb the other passengers.

At Turkish Airlines, liquids placed in hand luggage cannot exceed 100ml. This limitation does not apply to baby food, whether milk, powdered milk or jars. It’s always a good idea to check each airline’s policy to be sure. Although generally you can be calm with this subject.

Can the bottles be heated inside the plane?

The planes of the company THY are equipped with microwaves. Thus, after making the request, they can heat the bottles or jars without any problem. Do not hesitate to tell them if you want them more or less hot and to give them the seconds as an indication so that they do not go too much with the temperature.

In this regard, there are a few practical options like taking hot jars from home in a thermos. Insulated bottles are also a good option. Both can keep drinks and food cold or hot for several hours, which can also be useful throughout the trip depending on the destination.

Other accessories to carry on the plane for the baby

Turkish Airlines allows people traveling with an infant to bring at least one or two additional accessories free of charge. It can be a stroller, a portable cradle, a baby carrier, a car seat, … but only on an international flight.

It is important to note that these items must be tagged at the baggage check counter. Once there, you can decide to store some up to the gate, as is usually the case with carts, or charge everything directly.

If you stay with the stroller until the boarding gate, the staff in charge will collect it at the entrance of the plane and put it in the hold with the rest of the luggage. At the exit, you can pick it up on the conveyor belt with your suitcases. For this reason, it is important that all items and accessories that accompany you on the trip are properly labeled either at the check-in counter or before boarding the aircraft.

There are pushchairs which can be admitted on board the aircraft and which are stowed in the cabin. However, these must be ultra-compact and have the permitted dimensions.

Baby carriers are also considered baby accessories and not additional baggage. If they are made of fabric, you can take them on the plane without any problem and you will not have to check them in.

If they are touring seats with metal elements, you will have to ask if they allow you to download them or if you have to charge for them because they take up more space. Again, this will depend on each company. However, they usually have to be billed as a baby accessory.

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