Unaccompanied minors can travel alone on Pegasus flights

Passengers on Pegasus flights always travel in comfort, and their safety on board is preserved.

The entire crew of this airline strives to provide the best for all passengers opting for its services; whether it is a domestic or international flight. Does your child want to go on vacation without you having to follow him? A special service can be useful in this case because it allows children traveling alone to fully enjoy their expedition. To access it, you must contact its Pegasus advisors who will help you buy a plane ticket and register your little traveler wishing to fly alone.

To join his summer camp and for more independence, your child does not want you to accompany him on his trip. For his well-being, you would like someone to watch him closely throughout the flight. With Pegasus Airlines, a staff on board takes care of him properly. To benefit from the unaccompanied minor service, you must make the request at the same time as the reservation.

Dial the Pegasus number and our advisers will be on hand to give you the details of the process. With their help, you have the opportunity to book a Pegasus Airlines flight ticket by phone.

From what age can a minor take a Pegasus flight without an accompanying person?

Pegasus Airlines is always pleased to provide unaccompanied minor services to its customers. Children aged 7 to 12 are entitled to access and enjoy this special service.

For this category of traveler, the plane ticket reservation can be made online, but must be confirmed by telephone at least 48 hours before departure. Check-in for the flight must be done at the airport.

Pegasus reminds that an unaccompanied child can only follow a direct scheduled flight. On transfer and charter flights, the company does not accept children without accompanying adults.

Children between the ages of 2 months and 5 years are accepted for carriage only if accompanied by a parent or an adult passenger. Child and companion must fly in the same class of service.

On the other hand, passengers over six years old and under seven years old can take advantage of this service, but by making a special request to Pegasus.

How much does the transport service for unaccompanied minors cost?

An unaccompanied minor is cared for by Pegasus from his arrival at the airport until he disembarks from the plane and is picked up by his guardian.

To take advantage of this service, you must pay 100 TRY on a domestic flight, 45 USD on an international flight and 200 TRY on a flight with one or more stopovers.

Unaccompanied minors are accepted for carriage if:

– There is prior agreement from Pegasus for the carriage of an unaccompanied child;

– The reservation must be confirmed in advance on the transport itinerary;

– There is a request for the transport of an unaccompanied child which must be completed and signed by the parents or guardians (guardians);

– The transport of the child is paid in accordance with the rules and tariffs in force;

– The accompanying persons stay with the child at the departure airport until boarding the plane.

The registration of an unaccompanied child is carried out in the presence of the accompanying person on presentation of an identity document, as well as a completed and signed file.

The person named in the child’s reception request must be at the airport when the flight arrives and have a valid identity document with them. The presence of a photo ID in the document is mandatory.

The parents or the person accompanying the child are responsible for compliance with the laws of the country from or to whose territory the transport is carried out.

The departure of a minor child abroad is carried out in accordance with the legislation of the Federation of Turkey.

The legislation of the countries that the minor intends to visit may also contain requirements relating to the processing of documents for leaving or entering the country.

Make sure you have the following travel documents:

– Child’s identity document: birth certificate, identity document and passport;

– If you plan to have your child travel on an international flight, a notarized consent must be signed by you.

For the safety of your child on board, do not leave them unattended in flight, as you must follow the flight attendant’s instructions regarding flight safety.

– For safety reasons, little passengers should only be seated in the emergency exit row.

– Emergency exit seats are not available for passengers under the age of eighteen.

– During take-off, landing and when passing through the turbulence zone, the presence of the baby in the cradle is prohibited.

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  1. Anna

    Hello, Pegasus team,
    I have bought a ticket for my 13 years old son for the flight on 24 of May from London Stansted to Moscow through Izmir, flight number PC-1532. Please advice does my son can fly by himself or I need to order a service for unaccompanied minors for him. If I need to order a service how it is better to do. Thank you in advance.

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