Turkish Airlines allows the change of last name or departure date on the flight reservation under certain conditions

Turkish Airlines adheres to strict restrictions regarding the possibility of exchanging and returning tickets, modifying a departure date of an already confirmed reservation, … This includes the passenger’s right to hand over or exchange only certain documents of travel.

A Turkish National Airline passenger who wishes to change the departure date on the ticket can do so online, in the Manage Booking section.

No later than twelve hours after the purchase of a normal ticket, or two months in advance (before the scheduled departure) if the plane ticket purchased by the passenger includes a date change option.
Instructions for changing a departure date

The customer can change a ticket for an aircraft of the airline Turkish Airlines for another date or change other data in one of two ways:

– By phoning the Turkish Airlines Call Center

To change the original departure date of a ticket purchased on the airline’s portal or offline, the customer can contact their contact center. To make the necessary changes to the travel document in this way, you just need to call the telephone number of the Customer Assistance Center. After the person who applied, it remains to follow the instructions of the agent and provide him with all the information about paying for the ticket, as well as the personal data of its owner.

– By visiting its official website

Customers of the Turkish company, accustomed to performing absolutely all necessary actions online, are often interested in the possibility of changing their air ticket on the company’s official website. She exists. The carrier has established its own mechanism for returning and exchanging an air ticket, the main point of which is the presentation of the required documentation.

On the Manage Booking tab. It is here that by indicating the reservation number, you will be able to consult, modify or cancel it. Thanks to the personal account, it is easier and faster to carry out important manipulations, especially if the passenger has already been registered in the reservation system of the air carrier.

To modify the passenger’s data on the ticket, you do not need to obtain special authorization directly related to the correction of personal information: full name, date of birth, …

It will be possible to change the surname or first name of a person planning to travel with Turkish Airlines, no later than twelve hours after the flight ticket has been issued.

Other possible changes in the flight reservation

The customer can change the time or the route, but they will have to pay extra to use this service if their service does not include a flexibility option.

Change a travel date: Fees to be paid

If your ticket is not flexible, you must pay a fee ranging from $200 to $400 if you are traveling on a long-haul flight. And you have up to twelve hours after booking your flight to change your departure date. If you are traveling on a short haul, you have to pay a fee ranging from $60 to $120.

Beyond 12 hours after the purchase of your plane ticket, the latter becomes non-modifiable. And if necessary, you will have to make a new flight reservation.

However, if you buy a flexible ticket, you have up to two months before departure to change your travel date without incurring any fees.

Change of name on a flight ticket issued by Turkish Airlines: The procedure is easy and free

You booked a ticket before the wedding, and now your last name has changed. What should you do in this case? In such cases, it is necessary to change the surname, which can be done free of charge upon presentation of a travel document and a marriage certificate. Contact the Turkish Airlines call center for this kind of change. Dial 1.8778.050.998.

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  1. Lynn Byrne

    VBVR28 hi , this is our flight information. Ms nikita mc mahon date of birth is 16/12/1987

    when we booked, we entered 15/12/1987

    can we change the date of birth.

  2. Arpita

    I have booked a Turkish airlines ticket from Delhi to Berlin for my mother via an online agency. I accidentally typed the year of birth for my mother incorrectly. Can this be corrected? The ticket has not been issued yet but I have a confirmation from the agency.

  3. Irina Chekhova

    I am Chekhova Irina.
    I married and changed the surname Shumakova to Chekhova. My account -TK854415628. I need to change surname in my account. How can i do it?

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