A special student rate (with discount) is available on all Turkish Airlines flights

Turkey is a large country in terms of area and many students study away from home. All want to know if there are discounts for students on air tickets sold by Turkish Airlines.

The Turkish national carrier regularly offers discounts and benefits to its student travellers. Did you know that students can travel cheaply on Turkish Airlines planes?

The Turkish carrier offers special conditions for certain groups of passengers, organizes promotions and offers discounts on tickets. You can book tickets online, but first you need to compare the routes, prices, flight durations and other conditions of the different offers.

Students know when the semester or academic year begins, so they can book tickets in advance – a few months before departure. The number of cheap tickets is always limited, so whoever reserved the place before the others wins.

Each student wishing to take a flight served by Turkish Alrines should know that he can benefit from a 20% reduction on the prices of plane tickets reserved for travel on a domestic line: For example: Istanbul-Antalya.

On the other hand, when you travel on international flights, for example: Ankara-Paris, you get a 10% discount.

Find student discount flight tickets

Students can find affordable tickets not only during holidays but throughout the year. The Turkish national company constantly offers such tickets.

You must purchase tickets in advance. As a general rule, by buying them two to three weeks before departure, you overpay a lot. When planning to travel in the summer, it is best to book tickets in the winter.

Find the various discount offers offered by TA to students by simply visiting its website Turkishairlines.com. The special student discounts applied on air tickets offered by Turkish Airlines are provided not only within the country but outside Turkey as well.

Generous baggage allowance and extra miles to earn

Regarding the transport of luggage, Turkish Alrines offers students a generous allowance: Up to 40% on international flights in addition to the possibility of purchasing additional luggage at advantageous rates.

The Turkish Airlines program for students also includes the accumulation of 25% additional miles on all flights operated by the Turkish carrier.

This category of travelers also benefits from 2,000 welcome miles after signing up for the Miles&Smiles loyalty program, ie 1,000 additional miles compared to other travelers.

Attractive discounts on flights throughout the week

On days leading up to holidays and weekends, as well as during peak holiday season, ticket prices increase. More advantageous rates apply on weekdays by Turkish Airlines for the benefit of its student travelers.

Find student discounts online

If you are a student and want to know if there is a flight ticket discount for you, just do a few simple mouse clicks. You can enjoy amazing discounts on your flight fares. To take advantage of it, you must meet the following conditions:

– Register for the Miles&Smiles program and don’t forget to specify that you are a student

Then each time you want to buy a plane ticket, do it through your member account of the Turkish Airlines loyalty program.

Most students like to travel and nowadays it is possible to see a lot of interesting things not only in their home country but also abroad. An airplane is a vehicle that will allow you to travel as much as possible, and students are mainly interested in how to get a discount on plane tickets. After all, students are far from wealthy people and few can afford expensive flights. And discounts exist and you need to know how to get them.

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