Transport any type of baggage and cargo of any size with Pegasus Air Cargo Service

FlyPGS Cargo represents since its inception a bridge connecting global supply chains. Its aircraft and its expertise in freight management are assets that it can exploit to transport all types of goods.

Fly Pegasus operates a network of flights connecting the major destinations of Europe and in different corners of the globe, even in remote communities, by means of its aircraft.Pegasus provides cargo service to a network of over one hundred destinations in over forty countries around the world.

The fleet of aircraft of this Turkish company allows you to transport bulky and heavy cargo. The main hub is Istanbul Airport, which handles more than five hundred tons of cargo daily.

The carriage of goods within the framework of interline agreements between Fly Pegasus and other companies makes it possible to provide customers with bonuses in the form of direct fares, the speed of delivery of goods by air due to the issuance of a single transport document in a minimum of time costs at transfer airports.

The planes of this company can transport dangerous goods all over Turkey and around the world, including chemical materials, equipment of various industries containing dangerous substances, … FlyPGS employees have the necessary qualifications to establish the documentation of the dangerous goods of all categories, including radioactive ones.

A tool is available to follow the delivery of your cargo online

While the remote monitoring and tracking of products transported on Pegasus Cargo routes is still considered a major challenge today, Pegasus Cargo, one of the leading providers of freight transport services in Europe, offers a online cargo tracking service.

In order to track your cargo online, go to this link where an airway bill number entry form will appear.

In the first cell, enter a three-digit prefix. In the second cell, an eight-digit air waybill number.

Transport your pets with the Pegasus freight service

Check with your airline to be sure that your dog or cat can travel in the cabin or in the hold on the same plane as you. If it turns out that your animal must travel by air freight, don’t worry, it will be taken care of by qualified personnel who will ensure that it travels in the best possible conditions.

Pegasus air freight is adapted to the specificities of the goods and their constraints

Air transport is preferred for shipments requiring short delivery times over long distances.

This mode of transport is the best option for urgent transport, making it possible to reduce the transit time of goods to avoid breaks in supply chains or even within the framework of a short time-to-market.

Goods are transported in standardized containers and pallets designed for safety reasons and to facilitate loading and unloading operations.

Air freight is particularly suitable for:

– Products with a limited shelf life: Perishable foodstuffs (fruits and vegetables, seafood)

– Fragile products: Laboratory instruments, medical equipment, electronic equipment and household appliances.

Using Fly Pegasus Air Cargo Service: What are the Benefits?

– Fast

It is the fastest mode of transport on long-distance shipments

– International

It offers excellent geographic coverage

– Reliable

Reservations and deadlines are respected and teams work 24/7/365 to track and deliver goods

– Regular

Flights are normally frequent, which optimizes logistics planning.

Two types of aircraft are operated by Pegasus to provide air transport of goods

Airplanes intended solely for the transport of freight. Also called transport planes, their flights are exclusively dedicated to the transport of equipment or goods, or airplanes carrying cargo and passengers

Airliners carry passengers but can be fitted out in special circumstances to carry cargo.

These devices have many advantages:

– Freighters cover the transport of large capacity goods;

– They adapt to the particularities of the customer’s request: deadlines, itinerary;

– They facilitate handling operations;

– They allow the transport of dangerous materials or regulated products prohibited in passenger flights.

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