Surfboards can be carried on Corendon Airlines flights

Exploring new waters, surfing the waves, swimming calmly near the beach, every SUP owner has their own idea of the perfect board vacation.

Planning to take a Corendon Airlines flight? Depending on the restrictions of this airline, surfing equipment may include a surfboard and set of fins, binding, wetsuit, special shoes and other accessories with a total weight not exceeding 30 kg.

Divers can bring a vest, wetsuit, helmet, gloves, boots or flippers and accessories.

Once the cover is closed, check the total weight, do not wait to be at the airport. It would then be problematic to have to find an emergency solution if necessary and to have to pay a very substantial sum of money. For this, there are light and electronic luggage scales that you can take with you everywhere.

Weight and dimensions of the surfboard: Cost of transport

You must register your surfboard. When booking a flight with Corendon Airlines, you should be aware that such equipment cannot go in the cabin.

A surfboard in checked baggage? The maximum linear measurements of the board must not exceed 86cm (Height), 120cm (Width), and 3meters (Length).

It is also necessary to respect the weight limit, fixed by the Turkish air operator, at 30Kg.

Traveling with your surfboard, longboard or kite surfing is no longer a headache these days, there are still certain precautions to take and rules to respect.

Corendon Airlines indicates the price per board on board and depending on the weight, this service may even be free. But again, take the time to check for each airline you are going to use, or even each route.

The carrier charges a fee of €50 for the transport of this sports equipment.

Protect your surfing equipment during your trip in the hold of the plane

Thousands of passengers have had their share of inconvenience on air travel when they traveled with their surfing equipment only to find upon arrival of the flight that their equipment had suffered significant damage during the journey.

So if you want to keep all of that away from you and your board when traveling on a Corendon Airlines plane, you need to pack your board well by putting it in a hard-shell case or duffel bag. This will allow you to bring your sports equipment without any hassle.

When packing your surfboard, also use tape to secure any loose parts of the board such as fins or leash clips. Finally, if possible, choose a soft suitcase or duffel bag to protect your gear from damage.

Surfboard on the plane: What is the ideal type to take with you on the plane?

First you need to decide what type of surfboard to take with you. The choice depends on many factors: where you are going, how you are going to get around, what you want to do there. When the decision is made, you can start preparing for the trip. If you don’t have the budget to take boards everywhere you go, do it.

An inflatable surfboard is the most comfortable travel option. When folded, it fits in a compact backpack that all airlines carry in their luggage. You can put it in the trunk of any rental car and easily move it to a new location.

Choose your board according to the destination

Find out beforehand and thus determine the type and size of board adapted to the place and the waves you are going to surf, the same for kite surfing, seek the right information on the power of the winds before your departure in order to take the or the correct sail sizes.

Choose the right transport bag for your equipment. It is imperative to protect with a special surf cover for air travel, adapted to the size of your board. Do not take a cover exactly the size of your board at the risk of it being too tight and damaging your board.

Prefer the one with reinforcements and wheels if the boards are heavy. Remember to disassemble your fins and other accessories that could be damaged or broken during transport. Wrap everything in bubble wrap to add a layer of protection. For even more precautions, do not hesitate to stuff the cover with your own sports equipment, and by doing so you will also save space in your suitcase.

If you are carrying multiple boards, start with the longest and stack them all in the same direction.

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