Freebird Airlines Hand Luggage Rules (Carried in the cabin)

Freebird Airlines offers an allowance of one free carry-on bag + one personal item. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, if the aircraft operated on the flight cannot accommodate more than fifty passengers, then it will not be possible to carry an additional item in the cabin.

The weight and size limits are as follows: 8 kg, 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm. Carrying baggage displaying more than this weight, and measuring more than 115cm cannot be accepted in the cabin. It will be taken care of by Freebird staff who will transport it to the hold, and you will be charged the cost of transporting an additional piece of baggage.

Other regulations to respect for the carriage of hand luggage

There are certain limitations on the types of items you can carry in the cabin. You cannot bring large amounts of liquids or gels into the cabin (this is limited to 100ml only). Also, you cannot bring firearms, knives, explosives, ammunition, fireworks, flammable materials, aerosols, corrosive materials, radioactive materials, dangerous animals , plants or articles containing tobacco products on the plane. If you need to board a flight with such prohibited items, it is best to contact the airline directly beforehand.

Liquids in hand luggage

The category of liquids is the most controversial. Even if your trip lasts only a few days, you cannot do without toiletries and personal hygiene products. But can you carry them in your hand luggage?

You can only carry a limited amount of liquids in your cabin baggage. Each passenger can carry up to 1000ml of liquids in a single bag of 20cmx20cm (transparent). In addition, these must be placed in a transparent resealable bag so that they can be checked more quickly. The category of liquids includes, in addition to water and other drinks, personal hygiene products, such as shampoo and shower gel, liquid make-up, such as foundation and mascara, as well as products contained in pressurized containers, such as deodorants and shaving foam.

Other items and items that can be carried in handbags

– Food and snacks

– Make-up remover wipes, mascara, eye pencils;

– Hairspray, deodorant, shaving foam, razor, provided it is of the disposable Bic type;

– Umbrella ;

– Tablet and/or laptop;

– Photographic equipment;

– Hair dryer and hair straightener;

– Smartphone batteries and chargers

– Electronic cigarette;

Make and prepare the suitcase by optimizing the space

When you travel by plane, it is essential to leave with everything you need not only for your stay there, but also for the trip before arriving at your destination.

To do this, you must start by filling the bottom of the suitcase with the bulkiest clothes and then covering them with the lighter clothes. Don’t forget to save some space if you want to bring back souvenirs from your trip.

By placing the heaviest objects towards the bottom of the suitcase, you will prevent them from crushing your laundry once the suitcase is in an upright position.

Choosing the right hand luggage for a flight is essential: it should contain everything you need and be the right size to fit under the seat or in the overhead compartment of the plane.

The choice of the type of hand luggage is of course subjective, but more and more travelers are using a backpack instead of a wheeled suitcase, not only because it is possible to carry it on the shoulder at the instead of dragging it around, but also because you can use it during your stay, instead of a bag.

As for the list of items to take in your hand luggage on the plane, it is advisable to take the items you use on a daily basis. Similarly, if your trip takes place in one night and you have to make a few stopovers, consider taking the necessary to be able to live for a few days without your suitcase in the hold.

Be aware that it may happen that your suitcase does not arrive correctly at its destination, or that you have to make an extended stopover at the airport due to an unforeseen event. Better think about it in advance. Here is a list of essential items to put in your hand luggage to make your flight comfortable:

– Travel documents and passport + identity photos, if you need to obtain a visa on arrival;

– Charging cables for mobile phones and a powerbank, and headphones of course;

– Camera ;

– Travel guides, the itinerary you have prepared and a notebook;

– A book or your e-book to pass the time;

– Glasses, contact lenses and sunglasses;

– Toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss;

– A small sample of face cream;

– Essential medicines to take during the trip;

– One or two spare underwear;

– A change of clothes;

– A sweatshirt with or without a hood: it can be cold on planes;

– Inflatable travel pillow, eye mask and ear plugs if traveling at night.

Items strictly prohibited in hand luggage

Weapons and blunt objects such as knives, scissors, cutters, … Sharp objects such as nail scissors, eyebrow tweezers, nail files, razor blades. Put them in your checked baggage and carry a cardboard nail file in your hand baggage.

Flammable and dangerous objects are also prohibited in cabin baggage.

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