Get compensated if your Freebird Airlines flight is canceled

For all passengers taking Freebird Airlines flights, if the latter has canceled their flights, they have the rights as air consumers that they must know and how to claim them there.

The number of canceled flights continues to grow for multiple reasons, weather or strikes are generally common. The crisis of the pandemic or the ongoing strikes have affected many with this unpleasant incidence.

Many times, the cancellation of a flight is notified in advance, although in most cases this is done with little margin. Additionally, strikes by airport staff or the airline itself usually coincide with the holiday dates when the biggest airport collapse occurs.

Canceled flight: What to claim from Freebird Airlines?

In this situation causing moral damage to the airline, the most important thing is to remain calm, but above all, to know your rights and possibilities of complaint. Circumstances may modify them, but passengers may opt for the alternatives of reimbursement, alternative or return transport, assistance and compensation.

The European Union has established mandatory regulations for all airlines operating in the territory. Baptized, 261/2004CE, this establishes the rights of air passengers for the different circumstances that may arise. It includes loss of baggage or flight delays and cancellations.

When a flight is cancelled, the passenger has access to certain rights on the spot, including the right to food and snacks, communication and accommodation.

Other rights to claim from Freebird Airlines are reimbursement and financial compensation.

The right to assistance will not be granted in the event of waiting for alternative transport under conditions comparable to the canceled flight. So if not, remember to keep your receipts if they are reasonable and appropriate.

How much Freebird Airlines must provide to you compensate?

The amount starts at a minimum of 250 euros on Community flights up to 1,500 kilometers and can reach 600 euros if it is a flight with origin or destination outside the European Union and over 3,500 kilometers. One can opt for the right to compensation even if they offer an alternative transport solution with a similar timetable, although this is reduced by half.

In some cases, canceled flights are not compensable

It is only in the event of extraordinary circumstances that one will not be entitled to reimbursement of the plane ticket. On the one hand, if the cancellation of the flight was communicated within two weeks before the departure of the flight or if it was made two weeks before the scheduled date of departure, but they offered you an alternative transport which leaves you at the destination no more than three hours after the other flight.

Freebird Airlines is ordered to pay compensation for the benefit of passengers who are victims of compensation, if the latter cannot prove that the cancellation was uncontrollable (for example, it is due to engine failure or a strike by its pilots).

How much there is in individual cases depends on the length of the flight route. Of course, the tickets remain valid. Thus, if you take a replacement flight in the event of cancellation, you will not have to pay it again. If the alternative flight is offered immediately and arrives at its destination a maximum of two hours later for short journeys and a maximum of four hours later for long journeys, Freebird Airlines is entitled to reduce the compensation mentioned by half.

The Turkish air carrier has nothing to pay if a flight cancellation is due to extraordinary circumstances. This is the case, for example, of unpredictable natural events. But not in circumstances for which the airline is responsible, such as a lack of staff on the plane or at check-in. If the passenger misses his flight through his own fault, for example because he was late at the airport, the airline does not have to pay.

Freebird Airlines Compensation Claim: Ask the Specialists for Help

It is possible to do it on your own though, you often don’t get the proper response from the airline itself. There is an EU air passenger rights claim form. In the event of a claim for your compensatory right and non-satisfaction, you must contact a company specializing in the repair of such damage, including Air Indemnit√©.

This company was born and is dedicated to asserting the rights of victims of flight cancellations with airlines in order to facilitate this process for passengers.

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