Where and how to cancel a plane ticket issued by Freebird Airlines?

Cancellation of a plane ticket can be done online from the Manage Booking section. If the flight was booked by a travel agency, it is up to them to request the cancellation of the flight.

The procedures provided for in the event of cancellation of a plane ticket are not the same everywhere. At Freebird Airlines, they are prescribed by law and regulations mentioned in the travel contract offered to the passenger when booking his flight.

Flight canceled by the passenger: Is it possible to request a refund from Freebird Airlines?

Events that can occur suddenly could be the cause of a cancellation or postponement of a plane trip that you planned a long time ago. Only here, the terms of exchange and refund are clarified by the airline Freebird Airlines.

There is no reimbursement obligation for the airlines. If your flight is maintained but you request the cancellation of your tickets because you can no longer or no longer want to leave, your right to reimbursement depends solely on the conditions of your tickets.

Generally at Freebird Airlines, the modification of the ticket is not possible but in some cases, it will be possible for a fee.

You can modify your booking before departure via the My Bookings section, but change fees will apply.

If you are forced to cancel your flight, you can contact Freebird Airlines Customer Service to change your flight without change fees.

Freebird Airlines cancels your flight

You planned to go on a trip. But the airline has decided to cancel your flight? You have the right to request reimbursement for your canceled flight.

You want to cancel or postpone your flight

In general, flight cancellation will be at your expense and you will not be reimbursed.

It is recommended that the traveler check whether or not the trip can actually be carried out, by checking the dates of the trip, the place of departure and the place of stay.

To find out if you can postpone your flight or cancel it by obtaining a refund, refer to your airline’s general conditions of sale. Contact the airline or travel agency directly.

In all cases, you will be entitled to reimbursement of the following airport taxes: Airport taxes and passenger fees. Taking out travel cancellation insurance allows you to be covered and to benefit from the costs incurred by this withdrawal.

The question of the right time to take out travel cancellation insurance comes up often and is essential. It is mandatory to do this on the same day you make your reservation with the travel agency or airline.

How much to receive in case of flight cancellation by Freebird Airlines

You have been planning for months your escapade on the beaches of Antalya or your family discovery stay in London but an unforeseen event prevents you from carrying out your trip. You can request a refund if you have not forgotten to take out travel cancellation insurance. In general, travel providers establish a cancellation schedule based on the scheduled date of departure.

Cancellation costs are €50 per person if this occurs more than 30 days before departure. From one month, these costs will be calculated according to a certain percentage of the amount of the trip: from 25% if you cancel between 30 and 21 days before departure to 90% if you do it the day before and even 100% if your unforeseen event occurs on the scheduled day of departure.

It is your cancellation travel insurance that will cover these cancellation costs if, of course, you have complied with its conditions of application.

As with any insurance, it is important to fully understand the guarantees that are covered and to know precisely under what conditions the insurance contract can be implemented. Generally, travel cancellation insurance reimburses the sums you have paid to organize your stay, whether transport costs, hotel reservations or any other service essential to your trip.

The conditions of application of this travel cancellation insurance are often:

– The death of the passenger, his spouse or a member of his immediate family

– The illness or accident of which you are a victim and which causes your hospitalization

– The destruction of your professional or private premises due to an explosion, fire or water damage

– The dismissal for economic reasons of yourself or your spouse

– The modification or cancellation of the dates of your paid leave by your employer

– Obtaining an internship or a job

– The invitation to a catch-up examination a flight produced in your private or professional premises within forty-eight hours before your departure

The clauses of the contract and the guarantees vary from one travel cancellation insurance to another, read them carefully and do not hesitate, if there is a term that is not clear or that you do not understand, to come back to your insurer for clarification or further information. It is important that you fully understand what each guarantee covers to avoid disappointment if you have to cancel your trip. Indeed, to the disappointment of not being able to go to the destination of your dreams would then be added the financial losses due to the cancellation costs if the reason invoked is not included in the clauses of the contract.

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