Miles and Smiles: Benefits and Advantages of Classic Plus Card

The Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles loyalty program is an advantageous service for passengers of the Turkish national airline.

Registration is free, and with this program you can enjoy more destinations, more benefits and a new scale of points to take advantage of discounts and benefits created especially to spoil you and make your trip with Turkish Airlines, as fun as possible.

Having the Classic Card: How and what are its privileges?

For each passenger possessing the Classic card, and who has managed to accumulate twenty-five thousand miles during a calendar year, he will have access to the Classic card plus, the validity date of which is two years from the date of its issue. And to keep it, it will be necessary for the subscriber to accumulate 17,000 miles during twelve months.

If you manage to accumulate 25,000 status miles in the last twelve months, you can have the Classic Plus card. The thing to note here is that when you upgrade to any card, the validity period of that card is two years.

Without doubt, this card is the first to give access to the real privileges offered by the Miles & Smiles program.

First of all, the card holder is entitled to 10 kg of extra baggage on flights. In addition, he can check in at Business Class counters on domestic flights without queuing.

In addition, even if the passenger books a ticket to fly in economy class for domestic flights, he will still be entitled to access the Turkish Airlines lounge at local airports by presenting only his Classic Plus card.

With this card, it will be possible for the passenger and his family members to collect their miles on a single account. A cardholder can accumulate the miles of his spouse and his children under 25 in his own account. At this point, it should be noted that family member miles are not credited as status miles, but as bonus miles.

How long does it take to grant the Classic Plus card to subscribers?

After fulfilling the conditions for access to this status by having mainly the number of miles required in his Miles&Smiles account, it will only take a few days to receive it.

Turkish Airlines may give you the possibility to print from your customer area a copy of your paper card to use until you receive the physical card.

When you receive this card, you must use it each time you buy a plane ticket, extra baggage, book a hotel room, rent a car, buy a product or item in a Turkish Airlines partner shop. , … this allows you to earn miles points.

With the classic Miles&Smiles card, you benefit from:

– Priority on waiting lists for reservations and check-in;
– Bonus points credited to your account when you subscribe or renew the loyalty program;
– Be the first to receive special promotions launched by TA and thus have the opportunity to take advantage of them before it breaks;
– Option of free changes for flights with special fares;
– An exclusive check-in counter;
– Take advantage of an improved baggage allowance.

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