Flying in a plane with your wheelchair according to the rules of Pegasus

Air travel with a wheelchair is an easy experience when you choose to travel with Pegasus. Do not deprive yourself of the pleasure of a trip, the Turkish company helps you to travel as you wish.

Pegasus has mechanisms to facilitate your plane boarding and your journey on board.

The Turkish air carrier asks you to plan your trip in advance

This is one of the keys to air travel with a wheelchair. For starters, it’s best to plan your trip well in advance. This will give the opportunity to solve any eventuality without great difficulties.

The most important part is booking the flight with the airline. Pegasus has specific seats for people in wheelchairs or with reduced mobility. Thus, you must call the Pegasus customer service beforehand to guarantee the availability of seats on the day of the flight. It is strongly recommended to book and contact a Pegasus customer advisor 48 hours in advance to plan your trip on board.

The service is totally free

The usual thing is that the staff prepares everything when the wheelchair user arrives at the airport.

It is necessary to clarify any doubts that arise when calling the airline. They are obligated to answer all questions, so you should feel free to ask any questions about your trip with the wheelchair.

The manual wheelchair can be transported in the cabin of all aircraft with more than one hundred seats. These must have a closet provided for this purpose. Onboard personnel cannot suggest that a person stop using this service.

If the wheelchair does not fit in the compartment provided for this purpose, it must be transferred to the aircraft hold. The indicated thing is to remove all removable parts, such as cushions and footrests. These can be stored in the overhead cabin compartment.

When traveling by scooter or electric wheelchair

Traveling by plane with an automatic wheelchair involves a few variations. These types of chairs can only go in the hold. However, not all planes have cargo holds with sufficient capacity to accommodate them, so it is advisable to check the problem before buying the ticket.

If the battery is labeled non-spillable, it does not need to be disassembled. The same applies if the wheelchair can be transported in an upright position inside the hold. Otherwise, it is necessary to disassemble the battery, pack it properly and transport it in the cabin.

For wheelchairs operated with detachable batteries, these should be removed and stored in their packaging, and their terminals should be disconnected.

Pegasus requires that the battery power must be less than or equal to 300 W or (160×2) W if the chair has two batteries, to be able to transport them on board the aircraft.

Check in early

In any case, whether you are traveling in a manual or electric wheelchair or by scooter, you must be present at the airport two hours in advance to check in for the flight.

Pass the security check

There are also security checks for those traveling by plane with a wheelchair. If a person cannot walk, the control is done by the frisk system. The procedure should be performed by an authorized person of the same gender and without causing discomfort.

Pegasus assures its passengers with reduced mobility that the chair can be brought to the boarding gate. There, a transfer to an aisle chair will be made to complete the ride to the assigned position on the aircraft. It should be noted that upon arrival the seat should be delivered to the aircraft door, and not to the baggage carousel.

What happens after disembarkation from the plane

Your wheelchair will be delivered to you when you disembark the plane. The person in charge of special assistance is responsible for this. You must also ensure that you accompany the passenger to collect their baggage, pass through security checks and arrive at the airport exit.

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