Traveling with pets in the cabin according to Turkish Airlines rules

If you have a pet, it is important that you accompany it when traveling on an aircraft. Fortunately, Turkish Airlines allows you to do so provided you comply with certain regulations.

You must complete a form as soon as you check in at the airport. This form includes information on name, age, weight, race, health status, vaccination history, illnesses, etc. of the animal. You must also provide the following documents:

– A copy of the current vaccination certificate (if applicable);

– A veterinary report.

This document will indicate whether the animal has been vaccinated against rabies, and must be issued by the veterinarian one month before departure.

The passenger transporting his dog or cat must ensure that the animal is well fed before boarding the flight. It is recommended to secure the animal in a suitable seat. The passenger must inform the crew member of any changes in the health of the animal during the trip.

Turkish Airlines pet carriage and conditions cover certain rules

With compliance with these rules, THY pet transport operations are carried out. Additional charges apply for transporting pets. The amount of this fee may vary depending on the weight and age of the animal. The steps to carry out the transport of pets with Turkish Airlines are as follows;

To travel with pets, you must first complete the passenger information form. The main purpose of making this form mandatory is to comply with health and safety precautions.

Traveling with dogs and cats on Turkish Airlines planes

Transport costs for pets including dogs and cats may vary depending on the route travelled. For this reason, you can pay extra at the airport by having with you the necessary documents to transport your pet with you. After paying the additional fee, pets can be transported with Turkish Airlines following the necessary rules.

The reservation of your pet must be made at least 48 hours before the flight. Otherwise, pets will not be accepted on the plane. However, the number of pets that can be taken on planes is limited. For this reason, it is recommended that you complete the booking process for your THY pet as soon as possible.
You can register the animal that will board the plane at the counters.

The pet’s cage must have the owner’s name and information. Also, useful information such as phone number and address should also be included.

You must have the animal’s vaccination certificate, health certificate and similar necessary documents with you at the time of booking.

Please note that pets are not included in the baggage weight. There is a supplement to be paid at the airport for transporting pets. Therefore, the weight of your pet is not included in the baggage weight.

Pets may be carried in the cabin and in the luggage compartment. Certain conditions must be met to transport the animal in the cabin. If your animal weighs more than 8 kg in total, it is not possible to travel in the cabin. However, if the total weight of the animal with its cage is less than 8 kg, it is possible to transport it in the cabin. However, the dimensions of the cage must not exceed the following dimensions: 93cm: (23×30×40) cm.

Cages not exceeding the above dimensions may be transported in the cabin. Also, the cage should have a soft surface or be transported in pet bags. Pregnant pets are not permitted on the flight. However, animals under ten weeks old are not permitted on flights to transport cats and dogs.

Going by plane with a cat or dog is subject to very specific requirements. If he cannot travel in the cabin, he will have to leave in the hold in a transport box meeting IATA standards, which are very specific standards.

What are the prices charged by Turkish Airlines?

The Turkish airline agrees to transport your dogs and cats in the cabin and in the hold by charging fees that vary according to the weight of the animal and its cage:

    • On domestic flights

– Pets in Cabin (PETC)

Authorized weight Cost – Fee
≤ 8kg 175 TRY

– Pet in the hold (AVIH)

Authorized weight Cost – Fee
≤ 15kg 285 TRY
Between 16 kg and 22 kg 385 TRY
Between 23 kg and 26 kg 410 TRY
> 28 kg 485 TRY
  • On international flights

– From/To Turkey


In The Cabin

≤ 8kg Croupe A Groupe B Groupe C
65 USD 105 USD 185 USD

In The Hold


Croupe A Groupe B Groupe C
≤ 23 kg 130 270


Between 24 kg and 32 kg

150 250 440
> 33kg 190 310


– Flights between Group A, B and C destinations

  In The Cabin
≤ 8kg A <—> A A <—> B A <—> C B <—> B B <—> C C <—> C
130 USD 170 USD 250 USD 210 USD 290 USD 270 USD

In The Hold

Weight A <—> A A <—>B A <—> C B <—> B B <—> C C <—> C
≤ 23 kg 260 USD 340 USD 500 USD 420 USD 580 USD 740 USD
Between 24 kg and 32 kg 300 USD 400 USD 590 USD 500 USD 690 USD 880 USD
> 33kg 380 USD 500 USD 740 USD 620 USD 860 USD 1100 USD

The animal’s transport cage must meet certain standards

The IATA standards for transporting pets are as follows:

– The hull of the crate must be made of fiberglass or rigid plastic only.

– If the crate has wheels, they must be removed. If they are retractable, they must be blocked with adhesive tape.

– The door must have a central locking system that simultaneously locks the two locking points located at the top and bottom of the door.

– The door hinges must extend at least 1.6 cm beyond the horizontal edge above and below the door.

– The two parts of the shell must be held together by bolts. Any other side closure system is strictly prohibited.

– The animal must be able to stand with its head fully erect, without touching the top of the crate. He must also be able to turn around and lie down comfortably.

If the transport crate does not meet these requirements, the animal may be refused boarding, and Turkish Airlines will reserve the right to send it to the hold.

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