Carry your bike during your flight with Pegasus Airlines

One of the most common ways to transport a bike by air is using a bike rack. Bike racks are available in different sizes so you can choose the right one for your bike. They are also available in different types such as hard shells and soft sides. Rigid racks offer better protection for the bike, but they cost more than soft racks. Soft mounts are cheaper, but you won’t get much protection from them.

To keep your mind at ease before flying with your bike, the easiest way is to prepare everything well beforehand. What does the airline provide for bicycle transport? How to properly protect your cycle during the flight?

When deciding what type of stand you need, you will be able to find many online stores where you can buy it. However, there are some things you need to keep in mind when buying a carrier. First, make sure the size of the rack matches the size of your bike. You can measure it yourself using a tape measure if you are unsure of the size of the bike. Second, you should look for a carrier made of strong materials. Look for a durable material because you will be transporting your bike on an airplane. Finally, you need to make sure the carrier includes wheels. Without wheels, you won’t be able to easily move your bike.

How much does this service cost?

If Pegasus accepts large volumes by plane, it can provide strict rules for transporting sports equipment such as bicycles. It is therefore important to be well informed before buying a ticket and before leaving. The Turkish carrier asks its customers to register and pay an additional fee.

Pegasus allows its passengers to carry bicycles on board its planes, for an additional fee.

The price for transporting a bicycle on board Fly Pegasus aircraft depends on the nature of the flight:

  • International flight: 50 USD;
  • Domestic flight: 200 TRY;
  • Flights to KKTC (Northern Cyprus): 250 TRY.

These rates are applied for stays of less than sixty days. If the duration of the stay is longer, the passenger must pay the higher fares.

How to pack a bicycle for air transport?

Before flying, several instructions are imposed by the air carrier concerning the elements of the bike:

– Make sure your bike has been assembled correctly. Check every part of the bike for damage and wear.

– Put everything in its place. You can use packing cubes or plastic containers to organize your items.

– Fold or lower the handlebar if it protrudes from the bag.

– Pack the tires separately from the rest of the bike. Tires tend to burst during travel.

– Place the frame between two pieces of foam padding. The frame should not touch anything else.

– Use packing paper or bubble wrap to cushion the bike. Don’t put too much pressure on the frame.

– Wrap the bike in a blanket. The blanket should cover the entire area. If possible, use a thick blanket rather than a thin one. Thin blankets do not provide sufficient protection.

– Secure the package with straps or tie it with a rope.

– Bring an ice pack. It helps protect the bike from temperature changes. Ice packs are inexpensive and easy to find at aircraft stores.

– Include a note about your bike in your baggage claim form.

– When you arrive at the airport, ask the airline staff about the rules for transporting bicycles.

If your bike is damaged in theft, you may struggle to get a refund. To avoid losing money, make sure the bike is well packaged.

Pegasus offers a variety of products designed to help you travel safely with your sports equipment. Contact their customer service for more information on this subject. Call 0888.228.1212.

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