Travel as a group aboard a SunExpress flight while enjoying great fares

With SunExpress there is always the possibility of group travel. This way of traveling can have many advantages for passengers, especially if you take the flights of the Turkish company.

When traveling with family or group, it is more convenient to book multiple tickets in one transaction. You can get a lower airfare for group bookings with SunExpress.

Traveling in a group with SunExpress? The advantages are many

We tend to think of only one type of group trip: the classic organized trip, with huge groups and a gigantic bus waiting for us at each stop or visit.

But, if it doesn’t even occur to you to sign up for group trips of 30, 40, 50 or more people; those traditional organized trips with typical plans and tight schedules, or travel agency trips that do not deviate in the least from the tourist itinerary par excellence; you should know that there are alternatives.

The conversion of SunExpress, in addition to being an airline, is partly motivated by the idea of organizing group travel that offers the advantages of this way of traveling without having to swallow the big disadvantages of traditional group travel.

In order to benefit from the special travel rate on board SunExpress flights, the group must consist of a minimum of ten people, traveling on a single reservation.

It is possible to make the reservation online, or by telephone, and even through an approved travel agency. However, it is imperative to buy the plane ticket and reserve the seats in advance.

The service is accessible to private travelers (tourists), business travelers, companies and sports clubs (football, golf, etc.)

If the reservation is made by a third party (unapproved travel agency), the latter must send its request by email to this address:, specifying the number of travelers and their contact details, and all specific needs.

Book a flight to travel as a group? The operation can also take place online or by telephone (call +

What baggage allowance is offered to passengers?

When you book a SunExpress plane ticket to travel in a group, each member of the group benefits from 20kg of baggage allowance in the hold, and 8kg of hand baggage.

If the group includes between 10 and 20 travellers, they benefit from a total of 100kg of free additional luggage.

If the number of travelers exceeds 20 people, they can carry 200kg of free luggage.

Carriage of excess baggage is possible by paying 3 Euros for each additional kilogram.

If the group consists of 26 travellers, one of them can travel for free. The group can benefit from a maximum of four free plane tickets).

Traveling as a group on a SunExpress flight: Booking conditions

The passenger in charge of booking the plane tickets must do so at least five days before departure, and much more in advance if you plan to travel a lot.

The flight reservation must be made:

– Sixty days (two months) in advance for groups of 39 passengers.

– Ninety days (three months) before the day of the flight if the group has 40 passengers.

SunExpress requires 50% of the amount to be settled before the reservation time runs out. The Turkish company asks the group leader to send a letter containing the payment information in writing to the email address indicated above.

The remaining sum must be completed three weeks (21 days) before the departure date of the flight.

If the reservation is made through an approved agency, the latter may add or remove a passenger from the reservation up to 72 hours before the flight.

SunExpress reminds that the group reservation service is open from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (local time).

– Meal reservation

Passengers traveling in a group with this airline are invited to choose their meals thirty-six hours before departure (36 hours). The reservation can be made by phone or by email:

The prices vary between 3.99 and 6.99 Euros, for the purchase of the following meals: Snack (sweet and savory + a non-alcoholic drink) or sandwich + chocolate + a non-alcoholic drink). These rates are applied for a single trip (one way only).

Modify the group flight reservation: It is possible with conditions

It is possible to remove up to 20% of the group members already registered in the reservation, without paying any costs, but this must not exceed ten passengers.

In the event that you wish to cancel your trip when the payment has been made, you cannot be reimbursed the amount of the reservation, only the tax which can be reimbursed.

In order to avoid this risk, SunExpress offers you to add its SunFlex offer, by paying 10Euros per passenger, allowing you to cancel your reservation up to 20 days before departure and obtain a full refund (except the fees paid to add SunFlex service).

Traveling in a group means sharing travel experiences

One of the great advantages of accompanied travel is being able to share travel experiences. Although it is something that we would also enjoy alone, when we have company, the truth is that it tastes better.

It makes us laugh, surprises or excites us about what we are exploring and experiencing, if we have fellow travelers with us, everything is enjoyed more intensely. It is as if the sensations multiplied.

In addition, many times there are things we wouldn’t dare to do alone, but if we have a friend who joins the plan, we don’t hesitate and we start experimenting together.

Traveling in a group to learn more and better

By traveling in a group, you can not only share experiences with fellow travelers, but you also have the opportunity to travel more and better.

This is possible because travelers share the experiences they live, you can learn from other points of view.

That is to say, although you share the same moment, each traveler can perceive it in a different way, and by contrasting opinions and impressions we learn more and better about everything we explore together.

Share travel expenses

Another notable advantage of traveling in a group is being able to share a large part of the expenses of the trip. There are destinations in which, for different reasons, this aspect is not so relevant, but in others it makes an important difference. And it’s not just about sharing the expenses, but about getting the most out of our money.

When it comes to organized group trips, money is also saved and amortized much better. Logically, not all organized trips are planned this way, but some are.

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