How much baggage can a passenger bring into the cabin and check into the hold? Discover the SunExpress policy

For people planning vacations and air travel. Flights are a very common option and the cheapest deals are always sought from companies such as Sun Express.

To travel by plane, with the Turkish company in particular, it is necessary to carry out the documentation relating to the luggage. While this process should be quick and easy, sometimes issues arise, like paying an extra amount for an overweight briefcase. This happens because most passengers are unaware of the difference between a personal item, carry-on baggage, and checked baggage.

Knowing the characteristics of each of these elements allows you to have a better experience with air service.

Hand luggage is a suitcase that a person can carry in the cabin of the aircraft. The maximum weight allowed, as well as the size, varies depending on the type of ticket you purchased from SunExpress.

For all travelers who intend to start their vacation in a few days or weeks and plan to take the SunExpress flight to reach their destination, they must know the conditions established by the Turkish airline regarding the transport of hand baggage recorded.

If SunExpress changes its baggage policy from time to time, it is not because of its will, but because of events that may occur and which are beyond its control, such as the spread of the pandemic.

Baggage weights and measurements, accepted by SunExpress

Also keep in mind that SunExpress only allows one carry-on bag per passenger. In the event that the person wishes to transport two or more, he will have to make an additional payment.

SunExpress determines the dimensions and weight of hand luggage that the traveler can take with him in the cabin. Thus, there comes a time when the user, who thought he met the requirements, can see how his suitcase ends up in the hold of the plane and is forced to pay a sum on which he did not count when he took his business at the airport.

It is therefore worth checking the validity of the current regulations that we present.

As stated on the official SunExpress website, a small piece of 8kg baggage is included in all fares, which must fit under the seat or in the cabin baggage compartment. For example, if you stopped at airport shops for a last-minute purchase or gift, SunExpress says you can take it into the cabin but it must fit under the seat.

Regarding the size of the luggage, it is indicated that a handbag with the following maximum dimensions can be transported free of charge in the cabin: 55x40x23 cm. Airport purchases are also permitted as long as they do not protrude or become an obstacle when moving down the aisle.

How much baggage is accepted in the hold, and what are the weight and dimension limits?

Unlike the allowance offered in the cabin, which is fixed, SunExpress passengers have access to an allowance which improves according to the prices of their flight reservations. Discover here (page baggage en soute) the details of the rules for transporting baggage in the hold, established by SunExpress.

Extra baggage in the cabin and in the hold?

It is possible to increase your carry-on baggage allowance on SunExpress flights but you have to pay extra for this and baggage also has a weight limit which if exceeded the company may charge extra to the user.

It is possible to increase your hand baggage or checked baggage allowance on SunExpress flights, but you must pay extra for this and baggage also has a weight limit which, if exceeded, the airline may charge a supplement to the user.

Restrictions and general rules on the carriage of hand luggage

This airline has its own rules; but there are certain restrictions that most airlines including SunExpress have as general rules according to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Liquids (except those deemed dangerous) can be carried in the cabin, but they cannot exceed one litre, and all must be inside a transparent bag to identify them more easily.

Insecticides and other aerosol products are not permitted in the cabin. Disposable and Zippo lighters are allowed, but not sharp objects such as Gillette type razors, darts, corkscrews, etc. cannot be carried in hand luggage.

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