Carriage of hand BAGGAGE according to Pegasus Airlines policy (Weight and dimension limits)

Carry-on baggage and baggage allowance vary by airline. If you plan to take a Pegasus flight, your itinerary receipt will tell you how much baggage and carry-on baggage is included in the ticket, and what the maximum cargo dimensions are.

Indeed, the Turkish company offers you a generous baggage allowance in the cabin, but which differs depending on the rate you choose for booking your plane ticket.

Each passenger is entitled to one free baggage allowance. The free baggage allowance depends on the direction of the flight, the duration of the flight and the class of service. They are set for the maximum number of pieces of baggage, the maximum weight of a piece of baggage and its overall dimensions.

Baggage weight: How many kilos can be carried on board FlyPGS aircraft

The International Air Transport Association simply issues recommendations and, in the absence of a standardized standard, each company is free to apply the baggage policy it wishes, for the dimensions accepted as well as for the rates applied.

At Fly Pegasus, the maximum weight of hand luggage to take into the cabin is 8 kg. The maximum dimensions of hand luggage are 55 x 40 x 25 cm in length, width and height, or 120 cm in the sum of the three dimensions. A bag with such dimensions will fit on the luggage rack above your head or under the seat in front of you.

If you need to carry oversized baggage, you will need to coordinate it with the airline. You can also call your operator’s customer service for more information on this subject.

In addition, you can take on board outdoor clothing and the necessary medication. You are also entitled to a stroller or crib and baby food for the duration of the flight, a suit in a suitcase, a sealed duty free bag, a walking stick or crutches.

If you are traveling with a laptop, a handbag or a camera, you must ensure that these items fit in the only authorized cabin baggage.

The luggage taken on board must be able to be placed in a closed storage space. If it does not fit in the space reserved for it in the cabin, if it exceeds the authorized weight or if it could prove dangerous in any way, it will be transferred to the hold.

In addition to the rules that determine the permitted weight and size of baggage, there are also general international rules governing the carriage of a particular category of things. They are based on aviation safety rules.

Baggage check-in at the airport

Pegasus authorizes its passengers to travel with a single piece of checked baggage (carried in the hold of the aircraft) whose weight varies according to the nature of the flight and the booking price:

– Domestic flight:

For passengers choosing an Essential fare ticket, they are entitled to 15kg of baggage. For travelers booking their flights with the Avantage or Flex Confort fare, they have the option of carrying a 20kg suitcase.

– International flight:

Passengers whose booking has been made with the basic fare are not entitled to checked baggage, unlike those who have booked with the Essential, Advantage and Flex Comfort fares, they are entitled to 20kg (in one piece).

All passenger baggage must clear pre-flight customs clearance at the airport upon check-in.

During check-in, in front of the departure area and before the boarding gate, airline employees can:

– Weigh your hand luggage. If an excess is found, the extra items will need to be checked in, often for a fee, or pay for non-standard carry-on. At the boarding gate, the supplement may be higher than at check-in;

– Place your hand luggage in a special frame to check the dimensions.

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