Online and airport check-in service on a Turkish Airlines flight

By completing the Turkish Airlines flight ticket reservation, it is planned to check in online. With this, the passenger confirms to the airline that he is ready to take the flight. And for that, he must first choose his seat and check in online.

To check in for a Turkish Airlines flight, you have two different options:

– At the airport

In a classic way, go to the airport, go to the check-in counter and provide your travel documents such as the passport and the plane ticket to the agent who will take charge of this operation and will provide the card after a few minutes boarding to the passenger. However, if you choose to do this procedure at the airport, waiting in line is inevitable.

– Online

You connect to the site, indicated in your confirmation. You fill in the details of the trip and your personal data.

Then you can choose your seat. You will usually receive your boarding pass(es) by email or post after you check-in online. If you receive them by post, you must print them yourself. If you don’t have a printer, ask someone for help or go to a copy shop.

You can usually check in at the same time for the return journey. Sometimes this is not possible and can only be done a few days before your return flight, for example. You can then check in at your destination via an internet cafe. Choose one where you can print.

If you are bringing suitcases, you must specify this when booking and checking in online. Under no circumstances can you always check in the suitcases. You must therefore go to the counter at the airport. There, the suitcase is weighed and it will be labeled by the agents to facilitate its identification.

Have you checked in online and are traveling only with hand luggage? In this case, you do not have to go to the check-in counter and you can go directly to the customs control post to reach the boarding area. This saves a lot of time and is the reason why some people only take hand luggage on a short trip. The queues at the counters are often long and being able to avoid them and take few things with you is a smart way to save time.

Self-service airport check-in for a smoother travel experience

Turkish Airlines offers check-in service at self-service kiosks at airports. Passengers can check in for their flight and print their own boarding passes. If you’ve never used a self-service check-in before, here’s what you need to do the next time you’re at the airport.

Look for kiosks at the airport

When you arrive in front of the Turkish Airlines check-in line, you will see a row of kiosks, which look like stand-alone computer screens.

Recording from this device is very easy. Simply select the instruction “Check in on the flight” on the screen.

Confirm flight information

The passenger must see access to a page indicating his name and his flight itinerary (departure and arrival airport). He must then confirm his flight information by pressing the “Enter” button on the screen.

Confirm your chosen seat location on the plane

The traveler may review and change their seat assignment during the registration process. It will be possible for him to change the allocation of your seat at the kiosk, as long as there are free seats on your flight.

Check in heavy baggage

Upon completing the Turkish Airlines flight check-in operation online, the passenger will be able to scan their printed boarding pass at the kiosk. When this document is scanned, the kiosk will identify and begin the baggage check-in process.

However, before confirmation of check-in, the passenger must first check in his baggage, first checking its weight and dimensions. Then, he must confirm the number of pieces of baggage he wants to carry in the hold, then validate his check-in and retrieve his boarding pass. In the meantime, the passenger receives his baggage claim tags.

The boarding pass will contain all flight information, including the boarding gate number.

Important: It should be noted that if the suitcases or parts that you plan to transport in the hold of the aircraft are heavy and exceed the allowance included in your ticket, you must consider paying an additional baggage fee. However, the prices of excess baggage are excessively expensive at the airport, on the other hand, if you buy them online, you can save up to 50% on their price.

Boarding the Turkish Airlines flight

This term refers to the process of boarding and installing passengers on an aircraft before departure. Check-in, issuance of boarding passes and security checks are all part of this process.

Final Time: When check-in on Turkish Airlines flights will be open and closed?

Check-in is available between 24 hours and 1.5 hours before departure (90 minutes), for all fares offered by Turkish Airlines: EcoFly, Extra Fly, PrimeFly and Business. On these rail flights, this service may become unavailable well in advance. The check-in deadline is always communicated to the passenger after the issue of his boarding pass.

For personalized seat selection, check-in must be completed no later than six hours before departure.

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