Freebird Airlines: Cost for buying and adding excess baggage

Traveling by plane sometimes causes a lot of stress and anxiety for the passenger. If you are traveling for the first time with Freebird Airlines, or if it has been a long time since your last trip, you should check their additional baggage policy information again.

If you exceed the authorized baggage allowance, whether for your cabin baggage or your checked baggage, you will be charged excess fees. These vary depending on your departure destination, and where you will pay for this supplement online or at the airport.

How much does an additional kilogram of baggage cost?

With Freebird Airlines, the transport of cabin baggage and checked baggage is included in the price of the plane ticket. However, the Turkish carrier requires that each passenger wishing to carry additional baggage, overweight or whose dimensions are not the same mentioned in the regulations of Freebird, the latter must pay the additional costs due to excess baggage whose price is set. at 8€/Kg if you pay at the airport, but if you carry out this procedure online, on the Manage Booking section, you save up to 50% of this amount.

You should always consult the rules of your airline company in order to respect the dimensions and weight of cabin and or checked baggage authorized so as not to pay additional costs, or to pay these costs in advance, and online, the rates of which may be reduced by half.

This service can be purchased online up to 6 hours before flight departure. You can purchase additional baggage allowance when you book a flight.

Baggage allowances are subject to change without notice. Please refer to your ticket for details.

Transportation of bulky items

As for example, sports equipment (golf bag, surfboard, …) can be checked in by paying the supplement. This rate entitles you to a maximum weight of 15 kg for this baggage.

If you wish to transport your windsurf, kayak, hang glider, bicycle, … and any other sports equipment, the rate applied by the company is calculated per kilogram. An excess will be charged to you in the same way as a classic piece of baggage.

You can purchase additional baggage allowance on flights operated by Freebird Airlines. You can purchase additional baggage allowance in the Manage My Booking section. Charges will be displayed as a separate item under “Extra Baggage”.

If you have already purchased your additional baggage allowance, you can add it to your reservation by clicking on “Add additional baggage” in the Manage your reservation section.

Is there a minimum weight limit for extra baggage allowance or for checked baggage?

Yes, there is a maximum weight limit for your additional baggage allowance. Freebird Airlines imposes limits on the total weight of your checked baggage. You can carry up to ten suitcases in the hold, the maximum weight of which is 32kg (including the added supplement).

What happens if you exceed the maximum weight limit for your hand luggage?

According to Freebird rules, no charge applies if your carry-on bag exceeds the weight and dimension limits, but it will be checked in and carried as checked baggage.

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