Corendon Airlines: The sports equipment you can carry with you on the plane

For passengers who are used to traveling by plane, they already know what their hand luggage and checked luggage should look like and what their dimensions should be. The problem arises when they have to carry special or bulky luggage, which exceeds these measures, including sports equipment such as bicycles or surfboards.

Most people who like to practice a variety of sports, when flying to other countries, are faced with the question of transporting sports equipment on an airplane. Such theft is accompanied by the observance of special rules, which any lover of cycling, skiing or any other hobby should know.

Special baggage includes sports equipment, wheelchairs, firearms, hunting equipment, etc.

Check-in your sports equipment

None of your sports equipment can be stowed in carry-on due to airline size and weight restrictions. They must therefore be placed in the hold.

Traveling with sports equipment on a Corendon flight: How much does it cost?

This is a very common question if you are a newbie when it comes to moving your sports equipment from here to there, in the case of the Turkish company they usually charge customer fees for transporting bikes, skis or surf equipment.

Traveling with sports equipment on a Corendon Airlines flight: Transportation cost

If you need to transport sports equipment on the plane, you will first need to check whether your airline includes them in the baggage allowance. In the case of Corendon Airlines, this baggage is not included and you will have to pay a fee to be able to transport it.

Let’s start by buying a plane ticket, do not forget to reserve a place for your luggage. It should be noted that the airline of Turkey has its own tariffs and rules for the transportation of sports equipment, however, there are only two criteria by which the amount of baggage is determined – this is the weight of the luggage and the seating system.

Kayaks, canoes, dinghies (including catamarans), sailboards, … may be carried as checked baggage subject to the following conditions:

A maximum combined weight of 30kg per passenger is permitted for all types of these items while the maximum dimensions must be less than or equal to: Length: 3 metres, Height: 86cm, Width: 120cm.

Sports equipment to be checked in includes bicycles, surfboards, sailboards, kiteboards, golf and ski equipment, skates, footballs, fishing and sports equipment. dived, …

Remember that free sports equipment already counts as checked baggage. Therefore, unless your checked baggage allowance allows you to carry more than one piece of baggage, you will have to pay the fee for a second bag.

Sports equipment is carried in the aircraft hold for a fee. The passenger must check in this baggage a few hours before the departure of the flight. To avoid damage and breakage of sports equipment during the flight, Corendon Airlines employees warn of the need for proper packaging. The fees to be paid vary depending on the equipment:

Sports equipment can also be transported free of charge if the dimensions and weight do not exceed the permitted parameters.

Protect your sports equipment from damage during the flight. We recommend that you wrap or wrap them with soft protective materials or use a hard case (available in our airport shops). You can also use your own plastic bags or boxes. If you have any doubts about the protection of your sports equipment, please contact your operator’s customer service before departure. Its experienced agents are always ready to help you.

During transport, sports equipment must be carefully packaged so that it is not damaged during the flight.

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