Turkish Airlines Economy Class for low cost flights

Turkish Airlines, the Turkish national company which serves more than three hundred flights daily by deploying its wings to nearly two ninety destinations spread over more than 113 countries, with a fleet of more than four hundred aircraft.

Fully comfortable seats

The Turkish company offers exceptional comfort, even in Economy class, with ample legroom, seat inclination, headrest and adjustable feet for maximum comfort during your travels.

An authentic travel experience on board

In Economy Class, passengers enjoy comfortable seats with generous legroom. They are also offered a toiletry bag, entertainment of all kinds on their individual screen and quality meals are provided so that they can have a pleasant flight.

The seat is comfortable and the legroom is at least 10% to 20% more than you find in most airlines. In addition, there is a small accessory usually reserved for the upper classes: the footrest.

Passengers in this cabin enjoy a charming welcome, a choice of daily newspapers on a trolley and even a menu presenting lunch dishes.

Meals on board are always prepared with fresh ingredients and quality

Passengers treat themselves to hot and cold meals depending on the time of departure and the duration of the flight. They have the choice between Turkish or international cuisine. Sandwiches and cakes are also served on some long-haul flights.

Also benefit from a whole entertainment service on board. Depending on the duration of the flight, films and series can be viewed on scheduled international flights. You can also watch the latest news on board.

Travelers also have the option of connecting your smartphone or tablet via USB.

What is the baggage allowance in economy class?

Hand baggage is baggage that can be taken inside the cabin of the aircraft, which does not need to be checked in and which the passenger can access throughout the trip. But for this, it is necessary to respect the baggage regulations and measures established by the airline.

The dimensions and weight of hand luggage on a Turkish Airlines flight are: 8 kg and 118 cm (55 x 40 x 23) cm.

A small bag such as a handbag, coat, small briefcase, camera or video camera, tablet or laptop computer, umbrella or travel stroller that fits in the cabin or under the seats.

Turkish Airlines Premium Economy: A cabin with maximum comfort

All passengers traveling in Turkish Airlineset Economy Class enjoy the convenience of an extensive meal menu, comfortable seats with plenty of legroom and in-flight entertainment systems.

Passengers can charge their laptop or other devices using the power port located on the front footrest and use a private USB port via an Ethernet jack on each seat. Adjustable footrests complete the comfort of each Economy Class seat.

Turkish Airlines introduced the Comfort Class with the first Boeing 777-300s. Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300s are equipped with premium economy class.

The seats aboard this cabin will certainly look familiar to some, as they essentially correspond to the current Turkish Airlines Business Class seat on regional routes, which is found with a leather cover.

The Turkish Airlines Premium Economy class size is still one of the largest cabins in its category with sixty three seats.

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