How and how much LUGGAGE to check in the hold on a SunExpress flight: Information on weight and maximum dimensions

When making your flight reservation, be sure to consider your baggage and whether you will be checking it in.

By taking a SunExpress flight serving an international destination, the passenger has a baggage allowance of 20 kg to 40 kg, and up to 25 kg on a domestic service. The total weight of your checked baggage must not exceed the maximum combined weight allowed for all passengers.

The baggage allowance allowed per passenger depends on the price of his flight ticket

– On domestic flights

Flights booked with the SunEco fare allow the transport of 15kg while a 20kg allowance is granted to passengers choosing the SunClassic fare. Passengers booking with the SunPremium fare can carry up to 25kg of checked baggage.

– On international flights

Passengers on these flights benefit from an improved allowance: 30kg, 35kg or 40kg except when traveling to/from Antalya, Dalaman or Bodrum where they benefit from 20kg, 25kg or 30kg only.

Passengers are allowed to check in a 20kg bag for their child free of charge. You can also check in other baggage in the hold for an additional fee. Please note that there is a limit of 32 kg for each item of baggage transported in the hold.

Remember to notify your SunExpress airline if you are traveling with oversized or oversized baggage, such as a bicycle, surfboard, ski equipment or musical instrument. You must inform the airline in advance and no later than 48 hours before departure.

While noting that the maximum dimensions of baggage transported in the hold are limited to 158 cm (height + length + width)

Check in bulky baggage (overweight or oversized)

If your baggage exceeds the weight allowed by SunExpress, you will be charged for the excess baggage.

The amount is calculated according to the weight of the bag(s). If several bags are transported, the total weight of the bags is taken into account. You can find out how much it costs by looking at SunExpress’s excess baggage policy.

Items Packed in Checked Baggage per SunExpress Policy and Regulations

There is no limit on toiletries, you can bring scissors, nail clippers, lighter, … You will need a permit to carry weapons.

In checked baggage, you can carry common items of daily life: clothes, shoes, books, etc. Liquids (gel, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.) can also be carried in checked baggage without quantity restrictions (as is the case in hand baggage or cabin baggage).

In checked baggage, you can also carry sharp objects prohibited in hand baggage, such as razor blades, razors, nail clippers, scissors, hair straighteners, epilators, … With a few exceptions, sports equipment can also be registered without problems.

Collect your baggage upon arrival of the flight

When leaving your flight, you will be told on which strip you should wait for your baggage. You will have to walk a bit to get to the baggage claim area.

Prohibited Items: Sun Express does not accept certain items

There are a number of very specific items that you cannot carry in your checked baggage as changes in temperature and pressure or aircraft movement can cause them to explode or catch fire.

Weapons require special handling to be included in checked baggage. Generally, you can only carry weapons in checked baggage if you have prior official authorization issued by the Civil Guard Arms Intervention. Professional athletes who also need Olympic shooting weapons, for example hunters, need this authorization.

Carrying cash? if you go on a trip with more than ten thousand Euros in cash, you will have to declare it to customs.

Some items are not allowed for security reasons. It is forbidden to transport flammable or explosive materials, pyrotechnic material, gas cylinders or replica explosive devices. This prohibition is valid for all airlines. Chemical or toxic substances including fungicides, tear gas canisters, corrosive chemicals, paint, solvent and gas cartridges are also prohibited on board.

Otherwise, SunExpress prohibits the carriage of certain baggage such as:

– Explosives, of all kinds like detonators to fireworks or flares, …;

– Gas: gas cylinders for camping or similar;

– Flammable liquids: gasoline, glue, …;

– Flammable solids and reactive substances: matches, lighters, gas lanterns, …;

– Organic oxidants and peroxides;

– Radioactive material;

– Toxic and infectious substances;

– Engine parts that have contained fuel;

– Electronic cigarettes;

– Lithium batteries apart from their associated devices.

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