Children traveling on Turkish Airlines flights

At Turkish Airlines, babies under the age of two can sit on their parents’ lap during a flight, sometimes with a special lap belt they attach to their seatbelt.

If you are traveling with an older infant or young toddler (minimum 7 days old), they may be permitted to sit on your lap in their own seat. Toddlers usually need a booster seat.

If you are traveling with a baby who is not yet 2 years old, it is best to check Turkish Airlines policy before purchasing tickets. The safest option is to buy seats together. This will allow the two of you to travel as a family without having to worry about someone missing a trip due to a delayed flight. You can also purchase insurance to help pay for medical expenses if your child becomes ill while travelling.

When can you fly with a baby?

Turkish Airlines allows your baby to fly from 1 week if not born prematurely. Traveling with a baby: How much does it cost to book a flight?

Until your child is two years old, you can take them on the plane for free or for a small fee, for example only the booking fee. You are then not entitled to your own seat for your baby and will therefore have to keep it on your lap. If you are traveling with a baby, you also benefit from an adjusted baggage allowance. The exact amount depends on the company.

Indeed, the Turkish company accepts that you board with your baby who does not have his own seat, you must however pay fees which vary according to your flight:

Economy Class

Business Class
Non-stop flights (Direct) flights with stopover Non-stop flights (Direct)

flights with stopover

Domestic flight

69 99 99 149
Between Turkey and Ercan 119 188 199


For international flights, fares are not fixed, and may vary depending on the air link.

Preparing for your first flight with baby

Proper preparation for your first flight with baby is certainly important. What you shouldn’t do is listen to the horror stories of the neighbor, your coworkers, or maybe your parents.

Most babies don’t cry for hours and you really aren’t a bad parent because you’re going to fly with a baby. In fact, how beautiful it is that as a new parent you bring your child into the life you love and show the world.

What is the ideal age to fly for the first time with a baby?

Flying with a three-month-old baby is easier than flying with a one-year-old baby. So don’t be put off by the fact that your baby is too young. The younger, the easier. Unless of course you have a whiner, but then everything becomes more difficult.

Babies are always very vulnerable right after birth and you may need to get used to parenthood and recover from birth yourself. So while you can fly a one week old baby, you might want to wait a bit before flying a thirty day old or older baby.

Traveling with a stroller on board

This is possible, but the stroller will be picked up by the board agent upon boarding. On board a Turkish Airlines, the stroller cannot be transported in the cabin, but only in the hold, unlike a car seat which must go in the cabin.

Taking a flight with a baby: Day or night?

When you have to hold your baby on your lap, an entire night can be long. You probably don’t dare move or get up. So rely on stiff legs. This is precisely why a switch can be useful, especially if it is only a short and not too long interruption of the sleep rhythm. You can also buy a Deryan Air Traveler to sit more comfortably with a sleeping baby on your lap.

On a daytime flight, you will have to entertain your baby much more. It’s not that difficult for babies who still sleep a lot during the day, but if your child is a little older and very mobile, you have your hands full.

Flying with a baby on board a Turkish Airlines plane: What to bring in the cabin?

On the plane, it is convenient to have everything you need for the baby quickly at hand. So make sure you have a carefully packed bag ahead of time.

– Diapers and wipes

Of course you bring diapers and diaper wipes with you. Always take more than you think you need. A changing mat specially designed for very young babies is also essential. The plane lavatory tables are rock hard.

Also plan at least two extra sets of clothes for your baby. Against accidents, but also when it’s cold on the plane. Not only for your baby, but also for yourself an extra set of clothes. When your baby has to spit up, you don’t want to be in dirty clothes for an entire flight. Cleaning wipes are also handy to have on hand quickly and just to be on the safe side, bring along a plastic bag to put dirty clothes in.

– Food and drink

Of course, you take a bottle with you and you really need a thermos and cans of powdered milk. Unless, of course, you are breastfeeding. Immediately fill your thermos with hot water so that you can prepare a bottle even if the hostesses cannot help you during a certain time of the flight.

If your child is already a little older, it is useful to take a sippy cup, a spoon and a bowl with you. Or if your child is already eating hot, a heated plate. You must also bring your own jars with baby food and snacks. Baby food items are allowed on the plane, but for your own convenience wrap them in a clear bag so you can grab them quickly and show them at check-up.

– Take toys in your hand luggage

A few small blocks, fun plastic dolls and, if necessary, a movie on the phone or tablet.

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