Pegasus Airlines does not accept these items in baggage carried in its cabins

For any passenger who is about to take a flight and travel in a Pegasus aircraft, he must know the main information concerning the transport of baggage, and the items not to be put in it, to avoid the risk of them being rejected by the controllers at the airport.

Many people depart without any preparation and find that their trolley cannot be accepted on board, either because it is too big or heavy, or because it contains items that cannot be transported on the plane.

Prohibited baggage: What not to take on board Pegasus aircraft?

Items that cannot be carried in the aircraft cabin are divided into two categories:

– Items prohibited by Turkish, European and international;

– Items prohibited by airline regulations.

It is strictly forbidden to transport weapons and explosives, and more generally no objects that could cause injury.

Items not accepted on board by Fly Pegasus airline are:

– Televisions;

– Alarm devices and underwater torches with batteries inserted;

– Food products of animal origin;

– Umbrellas with metal tips;

– Syringes, IV needles and other health devices. These devices can be accepted for strictly personal use and upon presentation of a medical certificate.

– Briefcase equipped with an alarm device

Items and objects prohibited in HandBag

In hand luggage it is forbidden to carry:

– Items prohibited for carriage in baggage

– Weapon-like toys

– Sew and cut objects, up to nail scissors, nail files

– Metal tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, …

Liquid transport: Prohibited or not?

Another big unknown when you go on a trip is what you can take on the plane when it comes to medications, fluids, and food. Anything related to liquids, aerosols, creams, lotions must not exceed the capacity of 100 ml or its equivalent 3.4 oz.

All liquids should be kept in a transparent plastic bag no larger than one liter. What can you take on the plane if you are under medical treatment? All medications, provided they have their respective medical prescription and the quantity does not exceed 100ml.

The amount of liquids in hand luggage cannot exceed 1 liter in total.

It is strictly forbidden to bring hazardous materials and sharp objects on board the aircraft.

The cigarette lighter cannot be packed in checked baggage or carry-on baggage. You can have it with you.

Before departure, check the restrictions on the carriage of items of the airline operating your flight.

Items prohibited on Pegasus flights

– Explosives

Anything related to imitations, artifacts such as bombs, explosives, including party canisters and chinampinas.

– SVG batteries

Lithium batteries are only allowed inside electronic devices; electric skateboards are also prohibited.

– Chemical and/or toxic substances

Anything including corrosives, bleaches, radioactive materials, commercial isotopes, biological materials, wet batteries, viruses and bacteria.

– Gases

Any type of gas cylinder: butane, propane, acetylene, oxygen in large quantities.

– Flammable

Methanol, petroleum, ethanol, alcohol, spray paint, paint thinner

– Organic oxides and peroxides

All treatments for automotive paint repair.

– Sporting goods

Gotcha equipment, kayaks, canoes, harps or pianos.

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