Book the flexible ticket offered by Pegasus for an even more comfortable journey

The Pegasus Airlines Flex fare offers more flexibility to the passenger as it allows the date of their flight to be changed to the same destination, for an additional fee.

The Flex fare is primarily aimed at passengers looking for flexibility and a wide choice of options. The tariff will allow the flight to be changed free of charge and flexibly. In addition to the free seat reservation, it allows you to reschedule your flight or change your itinerary, at no additional cost.

With this fare, passengers benefit from additional BolPoints as part of a promotion in the BolBol loyalty program.

Enjoy a stress-free trip by booking your next Pegasus Airlines flight with the Comfort Flex fare

A trip aboard a Pegasus Airlines aircraft is an experience designed to make your vacation unique and unrepeatable. The Comfort Flex fare is designed to meet all your needs.

This rate best suits your needs: from the most complete with all the comforts, to the simplest that you can customize.

With this fare, you are entitled to 20kg of checked baggage and one piece of hand baggage free of charge. You can also choose a seat with extra legroom, as you have the option to cancel your flight ticket or change your departure time up to two hours (2h) before the flight.

Make your plane ticket flexible: Service cost

Full flexibility whether to modify or cancel your flight. This option can be added to a non-flexible plane ticket for 24.99 TRY only if you are traveling on a domestic flight and 9.99 Euros if you are traveling on an international flight. The deadline to add this option to your reservation (Super Eko, Eko ou Advantage) is 24 hours before departure.

With this flexibility, each passenger can design their flight individually with an open choice of service. Pegasus Flex fares are more transparent and allow customers greater fare choice for travel within Turkey, Europe and the world.

Cancellation is possible free of charge

Tickets purchased with the FlyPGS Flex fare for travel enjoy full flexibility. They can always be canceled and refunded free of charge up to 12 hours before departure. If you cancel, you receive a credit note from which you can request a full refund of your reservation.

If you purchased a ticket at a fare whose application rules do not allow a refund of the fare, then change the conditions of carriage with reissue for a new ticket at a fare whose application rules allow a refund of the fare and, in the case of which the price of the ticket at the non-refundable fare is credited, then in the event of a refund on a new ticket, the value of the non-refundable fare credited will also be deducted.

It is not permitted to reissue a ticket issued to another person.

Flexibility when choosing a seat

The pre-selection of a seat in the aircraft cabin is authorized or not depending on the price of the ticket. Preselection of a seat in the aircraft cabin for these fare groups is permitted after the start of check-in for the flight.

The currency for collecting the fee specified in the rules for applying the tariffs is determined by the direction of transport.

Payment of fares and fees quoted in foreign currencies is made in Turkish Lira or Euro at the system rate calculated on the basis of the rate of the Central Bank of the Federation of Turkey.

Earn miles by purchasing the FLEX option

Bonus miles under the BolBol program are earned in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Pegasus loyalty program.

Adding the Flex option to your Pegasus flight reservation: Completely free or paid?

Since this option can be added even after flight check-in, it is free only if you add it online at website. A service fee is charged if you request this service over the phone by calling the Pegasus call center.

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    hello..i dont mind to pay a little more…what i really care is my luggage to be with me…is this possible? i have one very small carry on and one personal item..but i really want them with me because i already lost a bag with a ck in luggage…how much it would be to have my two little pieces to go with me? thank you..
    this is my email… mr helfeld.

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