The best ways to spend miles in the BolBol program

Pegasus Airlines has a miles system to reward the most loyal passengers with multiple benefits, free flights to thousands of destinations, discounts on hotels, car rentals and restaurants, …

As all Pegasus Airlines passengers know, BolPoints miles are the number of points earned by participating in Turkey’s airline loyalty program.

By participating in various activities with the air operator or its partners (airline ticket reservation, purchase of additional baggage, meal reservation, shopping in partner stores, booking a hotel room or renting cars, …,) the member of this program will be able to accumulate miles redeemable for objects, products and services.

Well, we share with you the best ways to spend BolPoints;

– Book award tickets

You can also exchange them in allied shops to buy the products you consume, without spending any money. But, of course, the best way to redeem miles is to buy airline tickets.

Passengers wishing to redeem their miles for flights can access their BolBol account, where they can view the rewards table to calculate how many miles they would need to earn a one-way ticket on routes operated by partner airlines.

Earning miles often earns you free flights, upgrades and other travel benefits. The easiest way to earn points is to fly frequently and with the same airline.

If you are a frequent flyer, you can use the miles to purchase, with the required amount, plane tickets, request an upgrade to executive cabins, excess baggage or purchase services such as car rental and accommodation.

The BolBol program offers very good conditions for booking award tickets as long as you are traveling with FlyPegasus.

If you intend to book your award flight with other airlines, you are obligated to issue them a round trip and the tickets are non-refundable.

On the website, you can find the miles needed to issue a plane ticket, whether in High or Low season.

– Keep your account active

Remember that miles expire. The term varies by airline, but generally miles expire after one to two years of non-use. For this reason, the key is to constantly accumulate or redeem miles, so you never lose them.

If you don’t travel for several months, you can buy miles and keep your account active. In fact, at different times of the year there are promotions to buy miles.

– Spend your miles with Pegasus Airlines partners

Moreover, FlyPGS allows you to earn miles for every Turkish lira, euro, dollar, … you spend on your daily purchases. The number of miles varies by company, so keep in mind which companies are allied so you can rack up miles faster.

– Use the PEP credit card

This card issued by Pegasus Airlines often offers thousands of bonuses, sometimes enough to reward yourself. Of course, it’s in big print on your promo.

The best way to earn enough miles is to use this card for all your purchases. This card allows you to use your miles on the FlyPGS airline and its partners. If you know you’re unlikely to use your miles for travel, you can redeem them for other things.

– Go out for dinner

Another good way to add points and prevent them from expiring is to spend them on a meal menu whether on the plane or at FlyPGS partner restaurants. When you charge for a meal at a participating restaurant, you earn points based on the price of your menu.

– Use of online stores

The company from Turkey has shopping portals on its website. If you first go to this page and click on a participating merchant, you can earn points on your purchases.

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