Flights canceled by Pegasus Airlines may lead you to monetary compensation

Flight canceled by Pegasus, passengers stuck at the airport, … there are those who find themselves forced to wait for a replacement flight for several hours, and others who end up canceling their reservation and returning home. These are chaotic situations that no traveler wants to experience, but with the appearance of law 261/2004CE intended to protect air consumers, travelers who are victims of flight cancellations can turn the glitch into a nugget because they can claim a financial compensation to their airline.

If your Pegasus-marketed and operated flight is cancelled, the Turkish airline must offer you a refund, or a re-routing flight as soon as possible or a later replacement flight, at your convenience and under similar conditions of carriage. As specified by European regulations, you are also entitled to assistance at the airport. This right to reimbursement or replacement is always due to you, regardless of the reason for the cancellation.

And the return flight? If you have booked your outward and return flights with two different air carriers, the refund is only due for the canceled flight. If both flights fall under the same booking, you can request a full ticket refund or a re-routing flight for the canceled flight.

Canceled flights give access to financial compensation

The regulation protects the rights of all passengers who are in the European Union, no matter where they come from. It covers airlines flying from the EU to third countries, from third countries to the EU, as well as within the European Union. The protection applies to passengers not only on scheduled flights, but also on charter flights.

Beyond this refund or replacement, you can also be compensated if the cancellation took place less than 14 days before the scheduled departure date. Like the compensation for delay, the amount in the event of cancellation is between 250 and 600 euros, depending on the distance of the flight, and the delay with which the traveler arrived at his place of destination.

However, compensation may fall through if you have been informed of the cancellation in advance (less than two weeks from the day of the flight) but an alternative solution allowing you to leave and arrive within similar is offered to you.

Get compensation for a canceled flight

A flight cancellation served by Pegasus? According to Regulation 261/2004, the amount of compensation in the event of flight cancellation depends on the distance of the flight. The longer the flight, the higher the amount of compensation.

250€ are paid to travelers traveling on flights of 1500km or less, 400€ to passengers taking flights with a distance between 1500km and 3500km, and 600€ to travelers booking connections of a distance greater than 3500km.

For a passenger to be entitled to compensation, two conditions must be met:

– The citizen must have a confirmed flight reservation.

– If the flight has not been cancelled, the passenger must present themselves for check-in at the time indicated in the airline’s email or booking confirmation.

– It is important for a traveler to keep their tickets and boarding passes in order to prove their check-in for a flight if necessary.

Sometimes you will not be entitled to financial compensation

Compensation for damages is very regulated. It can only be claimed if the cancellation was announced less than two weeks before the flight or in the event of a strike by airline staff only. A social movement of airport staff, air traffic controllers or security agents does not give rise to the right to compensation. Similarly, exceptional circumstances such as weather, pandemic or war, … free the companies from financial compensation.

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