SunExpress offers exclusive rates and special discounts for students

Being a student means being old enough to travel, but not necessarily the means. However, by organizing yourself well and carefully planning your budget, there are many solutions to experience an exceptional holiday.

Additional checked baggage, special rates, reductions on SunExpress flight rates, … Overview of these bonuses granted on presentation of a school certificate.

On presentation of a school certificate issued by a school or higher education institution, it is possible to access a multitude of advantages if you fly. From extra checked baggage to improved flexibility and exclusive fares. Quite simply, at SunExpress, the student is king.

Book and fly for less being a student

Turkey’s airline has a special offer for its student customers. Among the advantages offered: exclusive rates on flights, as well as a special baggage allowance allowing you to check in up to two suitcases of 23 kg each. To do this, you must present only a school certificate when booking the flight. Discounts can go up to 25% on the price of plane tickets for the benefit of SunExpress travelers.

For flight booking by phone, call +90.5414.440.797 (find other contacts here).

Travel between students on SunExpress flights

– A trip with friends

One of the best ways to save on vacation expenses is to split the expense. You choose your destination together, as well as the duration of your stay, your place of accommodation, and you can arrange financially according to each person’s income.

If you have family and friends in several cities in Turkey, for example, nothing prevents you from making a circuit to visit them for one or two weeks, and to sleep with them. You will only have to pay for transport and leisure.

Traveling with your friends allows you to split the prices and rely on each other if something goes wrong. Be careful all the same to organize yourself a little in advance, so as not to see the project abort at the last moment.

Fly to economy destinations with SunExpress

If you want to go abroad and discover new cultures, several countries that you have not necessarily thought of are reaching out to you. Eastern Europe is attracting more and more young people.

These countries are among the cheapest in Europe, in terms of housing, transport and daily life. You will discover cities steeped in history and a culture very different from ours, despite the few kilometers that ultimately separate us.

Mediterranean countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Cyprus are also interesting destinations, but very popular with tourists in summer. You risk paying full price, especially in the seaside areas. The best is to go there in June or September, or during your All Saints or Easter holidays. The price of accommodation is then much lower than in summer, and you will avoid the beaches crowded with tourists. The main thing, know that you always benefit from discounts on your SunExpress flight reservations, and this throughout the year.

With SunExpress, you can fly to more expensive but charming destinations

For lovers of Nordic and Anglo-Saxon countries, be aware that the standard of living and prices are higher there than here. However, it is always possible to save a little by going there with last minute tickets and staying in a youth hostel.

For your transport, you can take an InterRail card allowing you to travel on all trains in Europe for a defined period. Europe opens its doors to you.

So let yourself be tempted: Ireland, England, Norway, Sweden or Denmark, these destinations will make you dream. Know that you can benefit from expetionnal discounts by booking your plane tickets with SunExpress. For this, you must present only your school certificates.

Find accommodation in advance

The biggest expenses on your vacation are often housing and transportation. For the latter, you have the choice between carpooling, alternative modes of transport such as bicycle, kayak, surfboard, … or bus and train. The plane is also a solution if you book your vacation in advance. Know that with a good organization and a little research on the Internet to find good plans, you can save several tens of Euros. Consult all our transport tips.

There are many solutions to accommodate you on vacation. There are great classics like camping, or youth hostels, which are inexpensive, especially if you are in a group. However, be careful to book early enough to be sure to have a room. Other more original solutions are possible.

You can exchange your accommodation with that of a foreign student, for example. Thanks to the Internet, you can rent your accommodation safely, and enjoy another accommodation abroad for free, since you continue to pay in Turkey, while the foreigner pays his in the country where you are. In itself, this does not change your monthly expenses, but you are not paying rent for nothing.

Consider couchsurfing to find a room for one or two nights, if you ever go on a traveling trip. The websites are free to use, and the hosting conditions are decided between the two parties.

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