Airplane surf equipment: Weights and dimensions allowed by Turkish Airlines

Surfing is becoming a popular sport in several countries. Some people prefer to sail on local waters, but most go to the sea. And here a problem arises, not all airlines carry out free transportation of sports equipment.

Indeed, the case is different if the trip is made with Turkish Airlines, because the Turkish airline accepts the transport of this equipment free of charge in its holds provided that the following conditions are met:

– The flight is international

– The board measures at most, 292 cm in height and 60 cm in width (115×60) inches.

This service becomes chargeable if you are traveling on a domestic flight (flight connecting two domestic cities in Turkey). The fee to be paid before boarding is fixed at 109 TRY.

Traveling with a surfboard by plane: Other criteria to take into account

Weight limits, size limit, check the criteria on each company for the transport of surfboards and more general sports equipment. You may soon be flying off on a surf trip in winter or a little later, we advise you when booking to call the airline in question directly, the rules in terms of sports equipment are subject to many variables.

So you can bring your surfboard, free on board Turkish Airlines flights, but remember; oversized item processing fees apply. This includes surfboards, skis and snowboards. You will need to contact the airline directly for more information on their specific size restrictions. If you are unsure if something is allowed, please inquire at the airport before departure.

How to prepare for your trip with your surfboard by plane?

Store and pack the surfboard properly if you plan to take a Turkish Airlines flight, this will save you many unpleasant surprises upon arrival. Don’t forget to protect the most delicate parts of the board: fins, nose, edges,… these are the areas that you will have to protect as well as possible to avoid surprises.
Protect your surfboard: What do you need

– Travel cover

The more padded the better; forget the sock cover unless you’re using it as a supplement. Make sure the cover is slightly larger than your board, that way you can stuff it better. If you are traveling with multiple boards, there are wheeled travel bags to transport your quiver effortlessly.

– Insulating tape or adhesive tape

Pipe Insulation Tube: You will ask yourself, ein? It’s nothing more than a tube of foam covering the pipes.
Now that you have all the equipment available, follow these procedures to properly store the surfboard before boarding the plane. For this, you need a good cover to carry your gear:

– Remove the fins

Fins are probably the most fragile parts of a board. If on certain occasions they break in the water because of blows, or even a bad move at sea, … they have everything to break at the slightest blow they give them.

– Cover edges

These areas are the most delicate and the most prone to damage and shock. To make the edges, you can use the insulating tubes of the pipes. Start at the tip and tail of the board and if you have excess insulation, continue with the rest of the edges.

– Protect nose and tail

It is worth protecting this area with bubble wrap, or a cloth. For extra protection, you can use a sock cover or towels to wrap the rest of the board.

Once you have completed all of these steps, tuck the wrapped board inside the quilt. Make sure there is no gap in the cover and the board is as fixed as possible, avoiding shifts that could lead to silly kicks from the ends. If the board is secure inside the bag, and properly padded, congratulations, you are ready to travel with your surfboard by plane.

As an extra step, it is advisable to remove the wax from your board before traveling with it. The difference in aircraft temperatures can cause the wax you already have to deteriorate, causing it to melt and remelt unevenly, making it harder to remove later and almost impossible to surf like this.

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