All about the conditions of carriage of checked baggage on Pegasus Airlines flights: Size, weight, price and fare

All baggage carried by a passenger, including baggage in the aircraft cabin, must be presented at check-in for the flight, due to security requirements.

The free baggage allowance is established by FlyPegasus and provides the number of pieces and weight of baggage per aircraft passenger, which depends on class of service, type of fare, direction of flight and age of the passenger.

The passenger’s baggage, which the airline agrees to carry under its own responsibility for its safety, is marked with a baggage tag and carried in the baggage hold of the aircraft, called checked baggage.

At the request of passengers traveling together for the same purpose of travel to the same destination airport or stopover airport on the same flight, whether they are members of the same family, people traveling together or on a business, and the conclusion by such passengers of passenger air transport agreements providing for free baggage allowance, it is permitted to combine the amount of free baggage allowance depending on the weight of each passenger. The weight of a combined piece of baggage must not exceed thirty kilograms and is accepted for carriage at no additional charge.

Baggage weight and size limits

The main attraction of buying a ticket that includes checked baggage or paying additional fees to be entitled to it is without a doubt the additional space and weight that this type of baggage allows. While the size and weight of hand luggage limit the possibility of bringing what you want with you, checked luggage is an interesting option for travelers wishing to bring more clothing, sport, or for those intending to stay abroad for the longer term.

It is important to make sure you fully understand your Pegasus carrier’s baggage policy so that you do not have any unpleasant surprises on your next trip. As the weight and size of a checked bag varies from one company to another, you should never assume but rather opt for safety of mind by validating the information on the official website of your carrier.

By purchasing an airline ticket, the passenger is entitled to a free baggage allowance, included in his reservation price:

– Domestic flights

15kg for flights booked with the Essential fare, and 20kg for Advantage and Flex Comfort fares.

– International flights

20kg for all fares except the basic fare (no right to checked baggage).

The weight of checked baggage carried free of charge is indicated on the electronic ticket itinerary receipt.

The size of a piece of luggage according to the sum of three measurements does not exceed 203 cm. Transport of heavy luggage and oversized luggage. The size of a piece in the sum of three dimensions exceeds 203 cm is carried out only after prior agreement with the carrier.

If, before transporting something not insignificant, you doubt that additional permits will be required and your belongings will be taken to the border, consult with the airline, it will not be superfluous. Study the rules on the carrier’s website and, if necessary, contact its support and find out all the nuances.

During check-in, the passenger is required to present for weighing all baggage intended for transport, with the exception of certain items such as handbag, briefcase, folder for papers, umbrella, cane, flowers bouquet, outerwear, printed matter to read in a flight, baby food for a child during the flight, a mobile phone, a camera, a camcorder, a laptop, a suit in a suitcase, a cot during transporting a child, crutches, a stretcher, a wheelchair when transporting a passenger with reduced mobility, the hand luggage tag is not attached to these items.

The free baggage allowance, including items carried by the passenger, is set by the carrier depending on the type of aircraft.

Traveling with oversized baggage on a Pegasus flight

Oversized and heavy baggage is only accepted for carriage if there is free capacity in the aircraft and payment for the carriage of such baggage at the carrier’s rate, except when the carriage of such baggage has been agreed with the carrier and paid at time of booking. Oversized baggage will be accepted for carriage provided that the dimensions of the loading hatches and the baggage and cargo compartments of the aircraft allow it to be loaded and placed on the aircraft.

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