Do you notice missing miles in your Miles&Smiles account? Claim them from Turkish Airlines

If you missed your Smiles points that you were supposed to earn after booking a flight or renting a hotel room or renting a car from a Turkish Airlines partner company, … there may be another way to get those miles. Claiming missing miles from the Turkish company is now possible.

For any passenger who forgot to give his Miles&Smiles number when booking the Turkish Airlines flight or when checking in? No problem, the Turkish company allows him to correct his missing miles in a few minutes on all tickets issued in the last ten months preceding the date on which he filed his claim.

How do you claim lost or missing miles?

The Turkish airline offers the passenger the choice of approaching TA customer service to inform them of their case, or else carrying out the steps of the online procedure, as follows: When you log in to your Miles&Smiles account, you must go to the Claim Missing Miles section, which you find in the Miles Transaction section, and it is on this space that you can request the addition of your missing miles, whether it is those you earn with your reservations with Turkish Airlines, AnadoluJet or other airline partners of the Turkish company, including its ground partners such as hotels, car rental companies and shops, …

It is important to understand that your request cannot be completed if you do not provide the following data in your complaint request:

– Flight number and date;
– Booking class (Economy or Business);
– Route (departure/arrival airport).

Airline personnel will process your request and add the missing miles to your account as soon as possible. You will also be contacted to confirm the addition of miles once this is done.

Many passengers ask themselves the following question: How missing miles are handled. If you forget to add miles to your Miles&Smiles account, which is used on flights served by Turkish Airlines and Andaloujet, and you don’t know how to deal with the missing miles later, here’s what you should do to solve the problem.

Points earned for purchasing a ticket under the Turkish Airlines Passenger Loyalty Program are called miles. You can buy airline tickets with earned miles in different ways. You can only pay for the flight with miles. Taxes cannot be paid in miles. In addition to the mileage deduction, you may also have to pay taxes.

In order to claim missing miles from Turkish Airlines, you only need to log into your Miles&Smiles member area.

Next, you must send your request to THY by going to the “My Miles Transactions” tab and clicking the “Send Missing Miles Processing Request” button.

When making this request, you must present your plane ticket, your boarding pass and, if your miles&smiles membership is open after the flight, your valid identity card or passport photo. After completing these steps, your request will be reviewed by the required unit and any missing mileage amounts will be processed to your mileage account.

If you continue to have problems despite all of this information, one way to process miles is to complete the feedback form page.

Missing miles processing form?

You can report your request by clicking on the “process your missing Miles” link in the “My Miles transactions” tab of your account.

Missing miles processing ticket number?

To add your past flight to your miles account, you need to know your ticket number.

Processing your past flight miles?

You can process your past flights retrospectively for one year.

7 Replies to “Turkish Airlines: Claim Missing Miles”

  1. Stojmir S

    I flew Skopje to Antalya on Sept 02. I signed up online for a miles&smiles membership card on Feb 09. Can i still claim missing miles for that flight that i took 5 months before becoming a member?

  2. Andreas Waldner

    I flew salzburg to istanbul to antalya & return from last oct 3– 11. I signed up online for a miles&smiles membership card on Oct 13. Can i still claim missing miles for my flight that i took 2 weeks before becoming a member?

  3. Bat-Amgalan Mashbat

    Our family has patched up on Turkish Air Line flights several times.
    A few years ago we were registering cards to collect miles. But unfortunately, our miles were not registered. Because our family members’ birth dates and passport numbers were reversed. I think it’s a bug in the system. I sent photos of our old cards to verify the situation and a year ago we re-registered the cards.
    I used Feedback on the main website to contact me several times about this. But I got one answer, the flights expired in 12 months. If you look at the date of my first and second requests they were still valid.
    Although my family members flew together and my wife flew more than us, we flew both economy and business class. Only my account was credited with the miles from two flights.
    And our family members were completely canceled, I believe that this decision does not follow the fundamental research of our issue.
    If we flew together, why were only my flights taken into account, and my family members were completely ignored?
    Who should I turn to so that this situation could be resolved?

  4. Shirley Anne Tarawali

    Dear Turkish airlines,


    I want to claims my missing miles & miles points travel last on 13 April 2023 from Nairobi bound to London.

  5. Montana Rolando

    Dear sir and ma’am

    Inwant to claims my missing miles & miles points travel last august 14 2022 from manila bound to istanbul my miles account # TK 985 905 156

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