With Pegasus, you travel with your sports equipment with complete peace of mind

How often do you travel with sports equipment on the plane? If you don’t, you should start now. There are many reasons why traveling with sports equipment on the plane is a great idea.

Traveling with sports equipment by plane has become easier over time. In the past, travelers had to carry their luggage through airports and on planes. Nowadays, they can simply check in their bags at the airport and go straight to their seat.

However, traveling with sports equipment by plane is not always free. For example, at Pegasus you may have to pay additional fees or wait longer to board your flight. This means you may want to consider other options.

If you are passionate about sports when you travel, know that Pegasus takes this into consideration and helps you pack sports equipment while traveling on its planes.

FlyPegasus offers the transport of sports equipment. Depending on the airline, this may be included in checked baggage or charged extra. Do not forget to book the service in advance by contacting the call center, as the registration of the transport of sports equipment at the airport can be much more expensive. Generally, this is done 48 hours before departure.

For each passenger wishing to travel with sports equipment such as a bicycle, golf bag, ski or snowboard equipment, he must respect the conditions of carriage of the Turkish company, in terms of weight and dimensions.

First, Pegasus recommends protecting on-board sports equipment with special cases and identification plates. In particular, for more delicate equipment, a label with the mention Fragile can also be affixed, but in this case it is also advisable to take out insurance that protects in the event of damage to the luggage and not only, in the same way incidents directly related with sports practice.

Prepare and pack your sports equipment well before going to the airport

However, it is possible to check in for a flight online, but passengers planning to travel with special baggage such as sports equipment must go through the security check at the airport before being allowed to join the lounge. boarding, and it is in this way that his equipment must be packed to facilitate the procedures for checking his equipment:

– Skiing and snowboarding

Ski equipment must be packed in suitable bags. In addition, only one pair of skis and poles or one snowboard with bindings is allowed in each bag.

– Bike

The pedals must be removed or fixed so that they do not protrude.

Unscrew the front wheel and fix it to the frame, place and fix the handlebar along the frame and deflate the tires.

Then wrap the bike with a special film, plastic bag or cardboard.

– Surfboard

Carrying a surfboard or windsurf board always incurs additional costs, which are never included in your checked baggage allowance.

How much does it cost to transport sports equipment by plane?

What is certain is that this service is not free. Pegasus charges a fee for the transportation of each sports equipment which can range from 100 to 250 TRY.

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