Turkish Airlines accepts that you pay for your reservations with American Express

What payment methods can you use when buying tickets on Turkishairlines.com? In order to buy the THY ticket that suits you best, you can pay with the American express credit card by making transactions with the mobile phone security password registered in your bank, which is supported for security. by systems called 3D Security.

You can transact securely using this integrated banking payment option in the Turkish Airlines online payment system.

Also, while buying plane tickets, he uses another security application called 3D Security, which is used all over the world. With this system, which you can get from your bank and to which your credit card is subject, when you buy a ticket, you will certainly receive a message on your bank-registered mobile phone.

When buying a ticket, you must also enter the security password sent to your mobile phone registered in your bank. These passwords are one-time only. No money will be taken from your credit card without entering this password. And this password expires after a short time.

Tickets can be purchased with your credit card number and only through a special message sent to your mobile phone registered with your bank. If there is any problem during these processes, the call center team calls you and informs you.

American Express: The most prestigious credit card in the world

With the American Express Card you will enjoy the best discounts and privileges that will make you feel special.

You can apply for an American Express card instantly by clicking the apply button. When you go to Turkishairlines.com to book a flight, your AE Card information, payments and campaigns are all under your control in one app.

With the American Express card, you can take advantage of attractive reductions by booking plane tickets issued by THY or also, cars or rooms rented on its website.

Other advantages and privileges for which you must use the American Express card

With this credit card, you can enjoy 5% discount in all national and international restaurants and 3% discount in Turkish Airlines partner hotels.

With the Membership Rewards program, you earn points for spending with THY and its partners.

Thanks to the Travel and Concierge service, which provides a daily and permanent service, you can plan your trips and meet your needs such as the supply of tickets for artistic or sporting events, the supply of chocolates and gifts.

Thanks to its extensive insurance coverage, you are under the guarantee of the American Express card when traveling.

You can earn a total of TRY 10,000 discount with your main and additional cards in a calendar year through your 20-10% discounts earned at Selects points. With The Platinum Card (Metal) you can get a 20,000 TL discount.

With this card, you can enjoy a monthly discount of 150 TL and an annual discount of 1,800 TL from 5% restaurant discount and 3% hotel discount during a billing period.

With the American Express Gold Card, you can get a monthly discount of 200 TL and an annual discount of 2,400 TL from 5% restaurant discount and 3% hotel discount for a period of billing.

With The Platinum Card, you can get a monthly cashback of 250 TL and a yearly cashback of 3000 TL from 5% restaurant cashback and 3% hotel cashback during an account closure period.

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