What is the cost of excess baggage on board Turkish Airlines flights, and how to calculate it?

Bringing a suitcase when traveling by plane is not always free. If you are traveling with Turkish Airlines with baggage that exceeds the airline’s weight limits, you may have to pay excess baggage charges.
The cost of excess baggage may vary depending on whether it is checked in online or at an airport check-in counter.

The weight and number of pieces of baggage included in the price of a plane ticket depends on the airline, the class and the options chosen, as well as the destination.

If you are preparing to fly with Turkish Airlines, you will find the information on your reservation. In economy class or equivalent, the authorized weight for the first bag is 23 kilos.

If at the airport, it is found that your suitcase weighs more than the weight granted in the allowance included in the plane ticket, you will be obliged to pay a supplement which increases according to the additional kilos detected in your luggage.

How much to pay for any transport of additional or additional baggage?

Turkish Airlines has developed rules for charging additional fees for excess baggage. A passenger carrying baggage weighing more than 23 kg is obliged to pay a fee of 1305 TRY (80 USD). Only that this rate can change and differ depending on the destination of the trip or the route of the connection.

Regarding the measurements not to be exceeded (sum of height, length and width): in the event of excess weight or dimensions, the corresponding costs must be paid before taking the flight.

Baggage accepted in the cabin and in the hold must be less than or equal to 118cm (55x40x23)cm.

You’ve all seen it if you’ve flown. Today, you very often have to pay extra to put an extra suitcase in the hold. At the airport, the costs are always higher, unlike if you buy your supplements online.

Calculate the cost of your additional baggage charges online

To add additional baggage to a flight, fees may vary depending on class, cabin or distance flown. But how much does it cost to add baggage on each airline and what are the baggage fees and policies established by each?

Only that this rate can change and differ depending on the destination of the trip or the route of the connection.

An online baggage allowance calculator has been set up by Turkish Airlines precisely for this reason. Passengers can use it to calculate their extras who can buy them online, for excessively cheaper rates compared to excess baggage put on sale at airports.

Avoid unpleasant surprises at the airport

To avoid the surcharge, the solution is simple. The deposited passenger checks the weight of his luggage before leaving his house and reaching the airport. This allows him to adjust the weight and avoid paying heavy fees at the airport.

Otherwise, the solution of purchasing excess baggage online remains the most recommended, because in the event that the passenger is obliged to carry additional baggage, purchasing extra baggage on the Turkish Airlines website allows to save 50% or more on the original price of the service.

How do you purchase additional baggage?

Additional baggage allowance can be booked online from the Manage My Booking section. The passenger must select the weight corresponding to his transport needs and pay for it in one click.

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