Canceling a SunExpress Flight Booking

When planning a trip, we are always assailed by doubt or fear that something will go wrong that forces us to cancel it. Not being able to enjoy this getaway also implies the disappointment of losing that money spent on getting a plane ticket or hotel reservations, …

If you cannot take your SunExpress flight for any personal reason, the airline may reimburse the cost of the plane ticket, but this remains dependent on the fare conditions of your reservation.

Each airline has its own policy in this regard. Apart from the fact that SunExpress offers special rates that allow for changes to the reservation including last minute cancellations.

To cancel a flight reservation made with SunExpress, simply go to the My Reservation tab.

Whatever the personal reason for which you have decided not to travel with SunExpress, If you cancel your plane ticket, the refund depends only on the conditions of your ticket:

– Domestic flight

If you have made a flight ticket reservation to travel to Turkey (to and from Turkish airports), SunExpress gives you up to six hours to cancel your flight and get your money back, however, there is a fee that You will be charged: 220 Turkish Lira for the three tariffs SunEco, SunClassic and SunPremium.

– International Flight

The cancellation policy changes completely when you book an international flight. The conditions are not as flexible compared to those applied when you take a domestic flight.

If the cancellation is requested less than 30 days before departure, SunExpress applies fees corresponding to 50% of the airfare if you have chosen the SunClassic fare, and 25% if the reservation was made with the SunPremium fare.

Cancellation of an international flight for those who have chosen the SunEco fare is not possible.

The fees charged for canceling flights become even more significant as the day of departure approaches. from 29 days and up to 7 days before the flight, you must pay a penalty which is equivalent to 80% of the airfare (SunClassic) and 50% (SunPremium).

From six days and up to two days (48 hours) before departure, it is possible to cancel the reservation for passengers who have chosen the SunPremium fare, 80% of the amount of which is charged by SunExpress.

Protect yourself against unpredictable situations by taking out travel cancellation

This allows you to guarantee the reimbursement of all cancellation costs that may be generated from the moment you contract the trip until you return home. That is, those resulting from the cancellation or interruption of all the reservations you have made.

The cancellation allows you to ensure from three hundred to six thousand euros of expenses for the following reservations, which makes it perfect as well for a getaway of days or weeks as for long trips.

Cancellation insurance guarantees you many reasons why you can cancel or interrupt your trip with SunExpress. For health problems, for the death of a family member, for the cancellation of an accompanying person on the same trip, for professional reasons or related to studies, scholarships and objections, to be a member of an office voting or a jury, …

As trip cancellation insurance, and if you cancel for one of the covered causes, you are entitled to recover the expenses you incurred for the cancellation of transportation, accommodation or reservations, taking account of SunExpress’s payment and cancellation policies.

Management fees are also included. To recover these costs, you must always choose a maximum amount to be insured, which corresponds to the total price of your reservations.

When taking out your cancellation insurance, you must insure the total price of the reservations, beyond what you have already paid or not. This is due to the fact that there are services that you have to pay in full before making the trip and once it has started and therefore the total reservations have been paid, you would also have coverage to interrupt the trip, being reimbursed the unappreciated part.

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  1. Marie Mc Gann

    I have to cancel SunEco booking due to accident – I know it’s nonrefundable. I’d be happy to pay the surcharge – €100 for rebooking but I’ve no idea when I can avail of the flight so cannot choose a date. Is there an option to get an open ended ticket or else a voucher that can be used at a later date. If so, can you advise as to how I’d apply for that against my cancelled flight.
    Thank You

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