Seat selection on Turkish Airlines aircraft

Do you favor safety, comfort and the view? Are you traveling alone or with your family? If the best seat on the plane does not exist (it would be known), certain parameters can in any case be useful to you before a reservation and check-in, depending on your situation.

Sit next to the window or in the aisle, at the front of the cabin or at the back, or near an emergency exit, … or even choose a seat offering additional space for the legs, … Turkish Airlines gives you the opportunity to choose the seat that suits you through a simple procedure that you can perform and complete from your smartphone.

It is when booking your Turkish Airlines flight that you can make your seat selection. This operation is carried out exclusively on its website.

Make the best seat choice on the plane

It depends primarily on your own wishes. If, for example, the passenger is tall or rather wide, if he is traveling alone or with family, or if he wishes to travel far from the noise of children, …

Choose and select spacious seats

When a passenger travels with family or friends, he can choose adjacent seats and the sooner he selects his seat, the more possibilities he will have of occupying the one which seems to him the most attractive due to his situation on board: window for enjoy the view, corridor to move faster, seats in the back to travel more isolated or the best location to see the film.

These are often the rows at the emergency exits, usually halfway down the plane. Keep in mind that in these locations you are expected to provide emergency assistance. People traveling with children should not choose this line. You’re also not allowed to slide your hand luggage under the seat in front of you in these places, and your table and/or video screen is often built into your armrest.

– What place to choose in the plane for a tall passenger?

When you fly for a few hours of travel and you are over 1m80 tall, legroom is important. To avoid hitting the backrest of the neighbor in front and above all to be more comfortable, opt for a seat near the emergency exits. They are more spacious in most airliners and you can unfold your legs as you wish.

To benefit from it, you must nevertheless be over eighteen years old and be in good physical condition in order to be able to open the exit door in the event of an emergency. The flight attendants are there to remind you. If you are tall, the aisle seats are another more accessible alternative.

Are seats behind a wall desirable

A big advantage of seats behind a wall, at the very front of the cabin for example, is that nobody can lean back. The downside is that you can’t fit long legs and hand luggage under the seat in front of you. There is also a higher chance of encountering a baby next to you, as cribs are often attached here. Wider passengers should take into account that the tables are often located in the armrests of the seats, so the seats are slightly narrower.

Select a window seat

People who get out of breath easily or have to go to the bathroom often will feel more comfortable walking down the aisle. Anyone who wants to take a nap during a long flight will gratefully lay their head against the window. And if you want to take a sublime aerial photo of your vacation destination, you can also win a seat at the window.

How to escape from the middle seat of the plane?

In the best case, you can choose your seat yourself when booking or checking in online. Turkish Airlines may charge extra for a better seat, which is worth considering. If that doesn’t work, you can try your luck at the airport check-in counter.

Sit in the seat located in the most secure area of the aircraft

Many travelers are concerned about their safety, but it has not been clearly demonstrated whether it is better to sit in the front or the back of the plane. However, many people will feel more comfortable sitting near an emergency exit, in combination with an aisle seat.

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