How do I file a complaint with Corendon Airlines? Various contact channels are available to you

You file a complaint with this airline online via the contact form. After entering your data, you must select the subject that best suits your concern, for example Cancellation, flight delay or other, then fill in the appropriate section.

Then formulate your complaint in the text field and submit the form. It is also possible to upload various evidence files.

In the event of a flight cancellation, you can also use this form to initiate a refund. You can also find out more about your passenger rights.

File your claim by phone

You can also contact Corendon Airlines by telephone. For general questions, the call center is at your service at all times, every day, can be reached on 444.473.7 (in Turkey), or +90.216.4444.737 (Other Countries). Here you will find the telephone numbers of the offices of the airline, located in other countries of the world.

When should you consider filing a claim with Corendon Airlines?

If your flight with the airline does not go as planned, you can claim compensation from the airline, but first you must file a claim.

You can do this online through the airline’s website and also by calling them on their contact number. You will need to provide proof that you are a real passenger who was affected by the issue, providing your full name, booking reference and flight number.

The process is relatively simple. The first step is to complete the online form. To complete it, you will need to enter information such as your name, address, email address and phone number.

In addition, you will have to indicate which flight was delayed and why, or the baggage was lost or damaged, …

File a claim with Corendon Airlines for lost or damaged baggage

When luggage is lost during the flight, arrives late or is damaged, for passengers, it can only be a catastrophic scenario.

If you have lost your luggage or if your suitcase has been damaged during the flight, you must act at the airport. Complete a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) at the Corendon Airlines counter. This allows you to prove that the damage occurred in connection with the theft. Also keep the baggage tag from check-in as proof.

If you have problems with your baggage, you must also respect the following deadlines:

– Lost or damaged baggage

Report the damage in writing to the airline within 7 days.

– Baggage delay

Report the delay in writing to the airline no later than 21 days after the arrival of the baggage.

Passengers booking their flight through tour operators should contact them to report the loss or damage to their baggage.

Do not hesitate to seek compensation from Corendon Airlines

If your checked baggage is lost on a flight or if your suitcase is delivered late or damaged, you can claim monetary compensation from your air carrier.

As a passenger, you can claim compensation for damages you have suffered as a result of the delay, loss or damage to your baggage. If you are at the vacation spot without your suitcase, you can buy replacement clothes and toiletries. The airline must reimburse the costs; however, receipts for replacement purchases must be kept as proof of the costs incurred.

How much do you get for filing a claim with Corendon Airlines?

The claim for compensation is limited to a maximum of approximately 1,500 euros per traveler. In addition to necessary replacement purchases, the airline must also pay for lost or damaged items.

Corendon Airlines will only refund new prices for items that can be proven to be new. For used items, current value or flat daily rates are used. Valuables such as jewelry, cash or laptops are exempt from liability. You should take these things with you in your hand luggage, along with your personal medications.

If you only book a flight, you cannot make any further claims unless it was delayed for more than three hours, canceled or overbooked.

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