Buy travel insurance: Protect yourself against sudden cancellations of SunExpress flights

Purchasing travel insurance is one of the last decisions that passengers usually face when planning their air travel and going on vacation. Sometimes, either by ignorance of its advantages, or by ignorance of the risks of the trip, or by not wanting to further increase the final price of the trip, we tend to do without it.

Traveling without insurance can be a bad decision. The risks you expose yourself to when you are away from home are many and on some occasions traveling without protection can be very expensive. Something unexpected can happen. A SunExpress flight can be delayed or passengers’ suitcases can be lost, … these are problems that ruin the journeys of thousands of passengers every day.

When you think of the risks you expose yourself to when you travel and which would require you to use your insurance, perhaps you forget the first: having to cancel or postpone the trip. Staying ashore is one of the reasons a policy can consider, as long as the cause for the change of plans is one of those considered in the conditions.

Perhaps the first reason for canceling a trip that comes to mind is having an accident or contracting an illness that requires you to stay in bed. These are two of the most frequent causes of cancellation, but not the only ones.

Günes Sigorta, a cheap insurance covering your cancellations with SunExpress

Some of the situations that can ruin your plans to see the world, and which have absolutely nothing to do with you, are being a member of a polling station, serving on a jury or being a witness in court of righteousness.

On the other hand, taking off later than planned is common when traveling by plane. Delays are among the inconveniences that you have surely had to face on occasion. If the delay is a few minutes or hours, it’s usually just an anecdote of the trip, but if the wait time is long it can become a problem.

In order to try to compensate passengers in one way or another, SunExpress has entered into a partnership agreement with Günes Sigorta, an establishment offering travel insurance for only 15 Euros, offering coverage that offers compensation in the event delay of the means of transport for reasons beyond the control of the insured.

It should be noted that this insurance product is offered and available only on domestic flights within Turkey. You can book the insurance package that suits your needs by calling the Turkish airline’s customer service.

Your medical problems and illnesses are covered

Getting sick or having an accident when you travel, whether for pleasure or for work, can be a bigger problem than if it happens when you are close to home. Going abroad without proper travel assistance can be very expensive. And it is that having to be repatriated, needing health care or having to return earlier is an expense that is the responsibility of the traveler, unless he has insurance that covers it.

Within the coverage of your policy, one of the points to which you must pay particular attention is medical expenses in travel insurance. This section covers expenses resulting from medical consultations, surgical operations, hospitalization or medication.

If the illness or accident is so serious that you need to be hospitalized for several days (30 days maximum), travel insurance can cover the travel of a member of your family to the country where you are. In addition, it would also cover the cost of your accommodation and maintenance for the duration of your admission. Although it seems like a useless blanket, it is very useful if you are alone or with minors that you need to take care of.

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