Pay for your reservations with the Visa credit card and earn extra miles

The Turkish Airlines VISA card gives you all the benefits of a credit card and also gives you access to exclusive discounts on airline tickets and hotel reservations, or car rentals.

If you are one of those who spend the year traveling and cover more kilometers in the air than on the road, this card is made for you, since it allows you to opt for exclusive discounts on the purchase of your THY tickets, priority boarding and preferential billing rates, which will result in less time wasted on non-value-added actions. So that you can devote your time to what you love most, travelling.

The Visa card is an international payment and withdrawal card that allows you to pay for your purchases with Turkish Airlines and its airline partners, or its ground partners such as hotels, car rental agencies and shops.

In addition, benefit from the insurance and assistance guarantees associated with your card to protect you and your family.

Each time you use your card, a partner association of your choice receives a donation. Your day-to-day operations make sense.

Visa Card Features: Why Should You Choose It?

– It is available in immediate or deferred debit;

– In Classic or Classic version with systematic balance control;

– It has contactless technology; and has insurance and assistance guarantees in Turkey and all over the world to cover your whole family: medical expenses and repatriation from abroad.

With the Visa card, payments by bank card made in a country of the euro zone are free. The euro zone is a monetary zone which brings together the Member States of the European Union which have adopted the Euro. Of the 28 States of the European Union, only 19 use the euro (Turkey is not part of it).

Before you go, if you find a low-commission exchange office in your city, do not hesitate to change some money for your first expenses; it’s always good to have some local currency for the taxi, a coffee or a sandwich when you get there.

Make payment for your Turkish Airlines flight ticket reservation online:

– Log in to the airline’s website
– Select your flight and departure time.
– Select payment method (VISA)
– Enter your personal information
– Enter your credit card number, expiration date and code on the back of your card.
– Make and validate the payment in one click

If you contract it today, you will be able to access the welcome promotion which consists of obtaining thousands of Smiles points.

The VISA card issued by Turkish Airlines is a credit card that allows you to have cash worldwide, to finance your purchases in the tranches that suit you best and also allows you to access exclusive discounts on the purchase of airline tickets, hotel reservations and fuel consumption for your vehicle.

Benefit from exclusive discounts

It is one of the few cards on the market with which you can access the exclusive Visa Luxury Hotel Collection program that will allow you to stay in the most prestigious hotels in the world. By making your reservations with the Visa Luxury Hotel Collection with the VISA card, you will benefit from exclusive advantages with the best rate guaranteed. You will enjoy an exclusive selection of benefits, specially designed to offer an incomparable experience, such as automatic upgrade to a superior room upon arrival at the hotel, continental breakfast offered daily and VIP guest status throughout the stay.

Earn points through the Miles&Smiles loyalty program

If you use the VISA card, you will accumulate miles points (each purchase, you will accumulate 2 € of purchase or its equivalent in Turkish Lira) that you can exchange through the Miles&Smiles program for flights, hotel nights, rental car and much more. Miles are the common currency of the frequent flyer program of Turkish Airlines and major Star Alliance airlines.

When booking your plane ticket, don’t forget to identify yourself as a member of the Miles&Smiles plan by presenting your VISA card, so that your purchases accumulate in your customer file and that you can access all the exclusive discounts for VIP customers.

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