Traveling alone by plane as a minor: Consult the rules of Freebird Airlines

Each year, more than four hundred thousand children travel by plane without being accompanied by their relatives. This situation is common, especially during holidays and weekends. With the accompanying services offered by Freebird Airlines, from the age of five, your children can travel alone in complete safety.

Freebird Airlines supports children traveling alone on its flights

It is not always practical to accompany your child for a trip, whether for holidays or shared custody. But from what age can you legally let him travel alone, and take a flight served by Freebird Airlines?

To travel alone with a child between the ages of 5 and 12, it is mandatory to use the service of accompaniment of minors by plane or Uncompanied Minor (UM) of Freebird Airlines. This age range may be different depending on the company and the destination of arrival. Service is mandatory in this age group.

Children from 13 to 17 years old can benefit from this service, but on an optional basis.

Prepare for your child’s trip early

Inform customer service that your child will be traveling alone by plane. Contact a Freebird Airlines agent ahead of time so the company can make the necessary arrangements and provide everything your child needs to travel smoothly on board.

Documents to provide at the airport

Your child must have a waiver of liability signed by you or your spouse. In any case, your child must have in his possession a passport in his name or an identity card to be able to travel.

For an unaccompanied minor on the plane, check-in for the Freebird Airlines flight must be completed at the airport.

How much does this service cost?

Turkey’s regional air carrier charges for accompanying minors and the fare is set at €50.

Your child is in good hands

Thanks to this service dedicated to minors, an unaccompanied child on the plane can enjoy special care from the company throughout a flight.

Boarding minors on their own by plane: The steps to follow

There are few steps to take to benefit from a child support service during a plane trip. All you have to do is fill out a form giving your name, address and information about the people responsible for meeting your unaccompanied child at the airport of arrival. This form is to be collected from the company directly after booking the plane tickets. You must then pay the UM service fee.

It is important to make your reservation at least 3 months before departure, as UMs are limited for security reasons. For the trip, make sure that your child has in his possession his identity card, his passport, an authorization to leave the territory, a document containing the numbers to be contacted and his health record.

Make your child travel safely on board: Here are some practical tips

First, provide him with a backpack to which should be attached a small tag that indicates his name and your address. Then, the bag must contain things that are familiar to him, in order to allow him to have fun and sleep during the flight. For example, a cuddly toy, toys, … Warm clothes are also recommended, because the temperature is cool on an airplane. Don’t forget that certain items are prohibited in the cabin. For his suitcase, a flashy color is recommended so that he can better recognize it on arrival. As for its model, prefer those with wheels for more ease.

Some parents are very anxious about having their children travel alone. However, specialists say that this experience can be very beneficial for them, especially from the age of 6. It is, among other things, a perfect time to introduce him to new things. In addition, separation allows the child to mature. Note, however, that traveling alone can also be a source of anxiety for some children. The day before departure, small homeopathic balls of Argenticum Nitricum 9 CH can help, but preferably after medical advice. To prevent nausea or motion sickness, remember to put Nux Vomicca in your child’s bag. This also applies when traveling with your children.

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