Corendon Airlines makes every effort to facilitate passengers with disability

You can transport your wheelchair as checked baggage with Corendon Airlines, but it is essential for you to transport the wheelchair in the cabin, the Turkish company accepts it on condition that you inform it in advance by contacting its customer service three days before departure.

Like most major airlines, Corendon Airlines allows passengers to bring their own wheelchairs on board. The Turkish carrier requires you to pre-register your wheelchair online before boarding the flight. This ensures that there are enough places available on the day of your departure.

How would you transport a wheelchair on an airplane? What should you think about before taking off?

If you have a disability or mobility issues, flying can be difficult. There are several things to consider before traveling by plane.

Flying is an exciting experience, but it can also be stressful. Before flying, you should check these important steps to ensure a safe and hassle-free flight.

Book your seat several days before departure

Do not forget to inform Corendon Airlines customer service about your case, by calling 444.47.37 or the number corresponding to your country. This procedure must be carried out 72 hours before departure.

Corendon helps you travel in comfort

You may need special assistance boarding or using the restroom during the journey. If you feel uncomfortable, talk to someone who works at the airline or airport, such as a gate agent or security guard. They can step in to help you and protect you from harm.

Plan your flight in advance

These tips can help you better prepare for your trip and boarding a Corendon Airlines flight

– Make sure there is enough room in the seat next to yours

People with disabilities often have difficulty boarding the aircraft because they do not always fit in the aisle seats. The same goes for people who need extra space to store their things. In these cases, Corendon Airlines may offer additional seating near the exit gate. However, this might not work for everyone. It is better to book a window seat than a middle seat. This way you can easily access the emergency exits in the event of turbulence.

– Use the toilet before going to the airport

Most planes have handicap accessible restrooms, but you still need to plan ahead. Check the location of the closest to your portal. Ask the attendants how long it takes to get there. Also look for signs indicating whether the restrooms have ramps or other features designed for wheelchairs.

– Bring your own wheelchair

Getting around airports can be tricky. Sometimes parking spaces are hard to find; others don’t allow wheelchairs inside. If you have your own wheelchair, it could save you time and hassle.

– Book your plane ticket early

Plane tickets can sell out quickly. Reserve your place before you buy. If possible, try to arrive at the airport an hour before the scheduled departure time. This way you won’t miss your flight due to unforeseen delays.

– Carry light luggage

It is difficult to carry heavy objects when traveling with a wheelchair. Instead, choose luggage that fits under the seat in front of you. For example, a rolling suitcase is ideal. You can also bring small bags instead of large ones.

– Relax as much as possible before departure

Rest assured, a few inconveniences should not spoil your trip.

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