Modify and change Turkish Airlines flight booking online or by call

When Turkish Airlines changes the schedules of any flight, its passengers automatically receive a message from it containing the new schedule and the new departure date. On the other hand, in certain cases, it is the passenger who wishes to modify his reservation. He finds himself in a situation of force majeure where he has to change his travel plans with the Turkish company.

If you have already paid for your booking in full but want to change some things like date, time or destination, you can do it online or by calling the Turkish Airlines call center.

– Change date

The new date must be within two months of your original ticket purchase. If this condition is not met, you can only modify the number of days remaining before departure.

– Change destination

To change it, the new city must be in the same country as the origin airport.

Would you like to change the date, route or both in your booking? Log in via My Trips to request your change.

Please note that purchased additional services such as seats, baggage and meals must also be changed when changing a flight.

You can now change your flight reservations. Please note that there may be a delay between saving changes to your reservation and updating your customer account.

When purchasing a flight ticket, once the booking process is completed, you will be automatically redirected to the confirmation page and a copy of the itinerary receipt will be sent to your email address. If you did not receive this email, please check your email filter settings and folders that may contain filtered emails. The itinerary receipt will contain the passenger’s full name, ID series and number, air carrier name and code, flight number, date and time.

An itinerary receipt is usually delivered within minutes, although some delays may occur especially if you book during off-peak times of the year, or if you book a promotional offer.

If you have not received your itinerary receipt or would like it resent to you, please contact the Turkish Airlines Call Center or head to the Manage Booking section on the Turkish Airlines website to review and process all details of your reservation.

Immediately after your flight reservation is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation code (PNR). It will be displayed on the confirmation page, as well as on the itinerary receipt sent to your email address. The code is made up of 6 characters, and can contain letters and numbers.

Select your seat from the Manage Booking section

During the reservation process, the seats are automatically distributed taking into account the optimal layout of the passenger seats. If you want to select a specific seat, you can choose to do so during the booking process or add it later. Go to the Modify Reservation area and make or modify your seat choice in one click.

You can only make changes to your booking that are permitted by the fare rules. Please note that additional charges apply for such changes. You can make these kinds of changes to your online booking.

Add or remove a service

Passengers can add or remove services already booked with Turkish Airlines (special meal, baggage supplement, travel insurance, …) using their account on Manage Booking website, but this must be done at least 24 hours before departure.

Correct a surname/first name

If you realize that the first or last name communicated when booking your Turkish Airlines flight ticket, you must make corrections to avoid any problems at the airport. You can do this from the online booking management account

Otherwise, if it appears impossible, contact the call center of the Turkish operator for assistance and specialists can correct the errors.

It is important to note that the complete name change on a reservation is not possible online, contrary to the correction of typos which can be carried out on the Turkish Airlines website.

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  1. Marjan lahootijahromi

    hi. I recently bought my ticket for 2 months later and noticed that my birthdate in my profile has a small mistake. how can I fix this problem?

  2. Chengwei Lu

    Dear sir,
    1. I wrote down the wrong date of birth of my daughter . Will this prevent me from boarding? How do I correct the date of birth.
    2 . The ticket number of turkish airline is 2352140768828. the correct date of birth is 29-06-2012

  3. Janet Home

    Ref: T8SLPZ

    Good morning,
    Is it possible to get a refund for one of the tickets o the above booking, unfortunately one of us is unable to travel.

    Thank you

    Janet Home

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