Choose and select your seat on Corendon Airlines flights: price of the service

Thanks to this service, so many passengers can choose the preferred seat where they want to sit during the flight, with friends, near the window or near the aisle for a quick exit; … The service is available on all Corendon Airlines flights.

Whether you are traveling on its domestic or international flights, you can reserve your seat during the online ticket reservation process.

For seat reservation on international flights, please contact our travel center no later than 3 working days before the date of travel.

Online seat selection service

Seat assignment takes place at check-in, but due to high passenger demand for certain seats, the airline cannot always assign the seats you request. So, to avoid disappointment and ensure you sit where you want to sit, it is recommended that you reserve your preferred seat. Whether you want extra legroom, an aisle seat or be the first off the plane, it’s your choice.

The following charges are applied when choosing and selecting your seats online:

– First row: Between €21 and €23

– Emergency Exit: Between €20 and €22

– Second row: Between €16 and €18

– Front seats: Between €14 and €16

– Hublot seats: Between €11 and €13

– Other places: Between €8 and €10

It is also possible to reserve your seat via the Correndon Airlines call center 72 hours before departure.

Customers traveling with a disability should also pre-book seats on the aircraft by contacting airline customer service by telephone.

Choosing the best seat on board a Corendon Airlines aircraft

With Corendon Airlines, you can choose your seat on the plane, but is it better to sit in the front, in the middle, at the back or next to the window?

– Sit next to the porthole

By taking this seat, you can see outside, monitor the takeoff and landing of the plane, watch the clouds and the lights cities when it is dark. You can even admire the mosaic of fields and the blue expanse of the oceans. And then the corner makes it possible to place a cushion, a pillow, to support the head, to settle more comfortably, to relieve the cervical.

– At the front, in the middle, at the back of the plane?

We would have more chances of surviving an air crash, if we are placed at the back of the plane. It is a statistical study, which says it.

But the flight is less pleasant at the back of the plane, because you can feel the turbulence more there. And then when disembarking, we generally find ourselves among the last to leave the aircraft. Not ideal, you end up at the end of an endless queue for transit checks or formalities on arrival. Better to sit at the front to save time.

The flight is in principle more comfortable in the middle of the plane, at the level of the wing. The shaking is less during turbulence. But it is also at this level that the reservoir is located. In case of fire or explosion, the worst place, so if we like to imagine the worst.

– Sit on a comfortable seat

In reality, when it comes to choosing the best seat on the plane, the real criterion is comfort.

This lists all the types of aircraft in service on commercial flights, specifying the disadvantages and advantages in terms of comfort for each seat: legroom, proximity to toilets and galleys, backrest recline, position in relation to on the collective projection screen or the presence of individual screens, …

It is therefore worth checking what type of aircraft you will be flying on and studying its configuration before reserving your seat.

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