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Corendon Airlines is one of Turkey’s airlines operating a regular flight network to more than eighty international destinations and more than ten domestic cities. The main airport is Antalya International Airport.

After making a purchase or booking an open and scheduled flight with Corendon Airlines, it may be necessary to contact the airline. This need can be due to several reasons, including an error made during the reservation, impossible registration on their website, need to inflate the baggage allowance included in the plane ticket, a complaint or request for reimbursement, related information or simply the clarification of a doubt concerning the proper use of a service reserved online, … Whatever your concerns, it is possible to resolve them by contacting the after-sales service offered by your airline Corendon Airlines.

Corendon’s number one goal is to make its customers happy, that’s what customer relationship management is all about. This company has always wanted to appear as a trusted partner with its customers taking its flights from various corners of the globe.

Corendon Airlines’ customer service aims to guarantee passengers a quality service and follow-up after the acquisition of a plane ticket or any other product marketed by the Turkish air carrier.

The Turkish company offers rapid customer support via the traditional network of its agencies spread over Turkish national territory and in several countries outside the country, its call center and via digital platforms such as the website and networks social.

How do I contact Corendon Airlines customer service?

A little problem with your plane ticket reservation? Want to change your departure date? Or would you simply like to speak to a customer advisor to inform you about the price of additional baggage, or a special meal served on board? Whatever the reason, know that you can reach the customer service of your airline operator at any time of the day.

Several supports are also made available to you for this, although some contact methods are more popular than others. Depending on the nature of your request, you will be redirected to the right service.

By making a seat reservation on a Corendon Airlines flight, you have access to a variety of services and options to make your journey aboard its aircraft a splendid and memorable experience.

You also have at your disposal a customer service which is ready to answer your questions and to assist you in the event of problems. You can contact him through various contact channels: By phone, online, social network, …

Any issues relating to your reservation or purchase of any other service offered by Corendon Airlines can be discussed with the airline operator’s customer advisor. Depending on the type of problem you submit to him, he will provide you with the appropriate answers and guide you in its resolution.

Customer service available online

Don’t forget that you can use the online tools to communicate with the professionals of this airline. Both on their online site and on their social networks, you will find options to send them your questions and comments or to resolve your questions regarding your flights.

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  1. Mohmed sabir master

    I had travelled with corendon airways last airport check in desk charge me check in fees twice .for 5 passengers 5x€10=€50 but they charge me twice 2x€50=€100. They told me to refund over charge of €50 but not received yet,there is no contact number direct to call corendon.I have even raise issue on online.but no response yet.

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