Hold The Price: Turkish Airlines’ option to book a flight ticket now and pay for it later

Find and book a flight ticket, a luxury hotel room or a rental car with the help of the search engine on the Turkish Airlines website. You know that with the Turkish airline you can pay your booking fees up to two weeks after booking? The search system on Turkishairlines.com generates the best travel deals currently available from the Turkish carrier. The special feature is that the customer can book now and pay later.

With Turkish Airlines, passengers have the opportunity to book air tickets without having to pay immediately using the Hold the Price service. After completing the reservation, they first receive an email from their airline with all your reservation details and important information. Travelers only need to check their booking details to confirm that they are correct.

Once the choice of flight and seat is made, the passenger receives the receipt of his reservation and in it is mentioned when he must pay the deposit and the remaining payment.

By choosing your flight, you can pay for it up to 15 days later. This service allows passengers to pay the lowest price for their flights or hotel accommodation.

Turkish Airlines privileges certain category of travelers by allowing them to use this service for free. These are passengers subscribed to the Miles&Smiles loyalty program, with Classic Plus, Elite and Elite Plus status.

Travelers wishing to fly to or from an airport in the United States are also invited to take advantage of the Hold the Price service free of charge for 24 hours, knowing that the deadline is seven days before the flight.

How to pay booking fees?

You can easily pay for your reservation through this online service. The invoice, which you will receive after your reservation, contains all the payment details you need for this. If your invoice is not received on time, you will be contacted by email or telephone.

By maintaining the price from 1 to 15 days, you can save on domestic flights as well as international flights.

– How it works?

Book your flight online by going to the Turkishairlines.com website, or from the app. You will be able to choose between the standard booking option and the price hold option. If you select the latter, you can enter the number of days you want to use the offer.

If you don’t pay on time, you are in default. You will be informed of this and you will then always have the possibility of paying the outstanding amount within 1, 3, 7 to 15 working days. If payment is still not made, the contract will be deemed terminated on the day of default and you will be invoiced for the termination costs, which will be reduced by what you have already paid.

The Turkish Airlines deposit is also very advantageous in addition to the promotion booking without deposit. Are you booking more than ten days before departure? The Turkish company agrees to give you fifteen days to confirm your reservation.

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