Airplane Ski and Snowboard Equipment: Weights and dimensions set by Turkish Airlines

For a skier; the best weekend is a ski marathon or a training camp. And then there is the question of transporting the skis. The plane is the best means of transport to spend an excellent weekend of skiing.

For any passenger wishing to travel by plane with ski or snowboard equipment, it is possible with Turkish Airlines.

Many people have quality equipment, as well as personal equipment that they are familiar with, preferring to use such sports equipment during their sports trip.

The Turkish airline allows the transport of ski equipment on board its planes by charging simple rates: 109 TRY only.

The transport of such an item is indeed free on international flights, unless you plan to travel with two ski equipment. However, this service is chargeable on domestic flights

Transporting a ski bag by plane

Recreational skis are generally longer than sport skis, and all generally measure up. A bag can be used to carry several pairs of skis.

If you plan to go to a snow destination to take advantage of the cold and experience skiing, the luggage you will have to carry will be abundant. You should take with you not only winter clothes, but also special ski clothes, such as thermal socks, a jacket and special ski pants. These clothes will help you stay warm and feel less cold during your trip.

Protect your ski equipment to prevent damage

Traveling with sports equipment by plane is always a headache. Whether you’re going on vacation or attending a sporting event, you need to pack your gear. This means lugging heavy bags full of clothes, shoes and other accessories.

Here are some useful tips to ensure that your trip goes smoothly, and that your Snowboard equipment will be transported in the hold of the plane without the risk of being touched or damaged.

Checked baggage is not necessarily treated very well, so we advise you to invest in a good cover to protect your skis. The best solution is to opt for a rigid cover that absorbs shocks. If you ski with a helmet, also remember to protect it well or take it with you in the cabin. Be aware, however, that your helmet is then considered as luggage and not a simple accessory.

When transporting by plane, it is not enough to wrap the skis in a bag. For skis to fly intact, it is recommended that equipment be prepared and packed prior to flight. And for that, it will take

– Fasten the skis with special ligaments so that they do not rub against each other;

– Fix the poles with skis and wrap everything with a pimply film, then it needs to be put in a case;

– Wrap the bag in luggage film.

– Put clothes in the bag so that the luggage is free and the skis are in good condition.

By deciding to travel with Turkish Airlines with his Ski equipment, it will be necessary to inform him at least 48 hours before departure. The carrier must be notified in advance of the next ski transport. At the same time, it is necessary to ask customer service for information clarifying the rules of transport and the characteristics of registration of this baggage.

Standard ski equipment that can be carried in the hold is a bag with 1 pair of skis and 1 pair of poles + 1 piece of luggage with 1 pair of shoes.

Restrictions on the total weight of this equipment are as follows: Such equipment must weigh a maximum of 23kg.

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