Flying with Freebird Airlines: How much baggage to bring in the cabin and to check in the hold?

How much luggage to take on a plane when booking a flight with Freebird Airlines? This airline applies a single baggage allowance at all airports where it operates.

If you plan to fly with this company, do not hesitate to consult this guide in order to find out more and to be sure to respect its baggage policy in terms of weight and dimensions.

How much should a piece of baggage weigh and measure on board a Freebird Airlines aircraft?

The Turkish company requests that the height should not exceed 115cm (55x40x20). Even if the dimensions are close, your bag may not be accepted if it does not meet the required size, even by one centimeter. In addition, and as a general rule, your travel suitcase must not weigh more than 8 kg to be accepted in the cabin, and 23 kg to be placed in the hold. If you decide to improve this weight, you can buy an extra 9kg. The weight limit accepted in the hold is 32kg.

This is the authorized weight for each passenger boarding its planes. If your baggage exceeds these limits, it will be subject to additional charges.

Freebird Airlines may also refuse carriage if, for example, you are traveling with baggage containing dangerous (prohibited) items.

If you wish to transport special (bulky) baggage, please contact your operator at least 48 hours before departure.

In order to avoid delays or cancellations due to overloading, FreeBird Airlines reserves the right to refuse carriage of oversized or overweight baggage.

Improve your baggage allowance by purchasing an extra

For many passengers, it is not always easy to carry luggage that meets the requested dimensions.

Many passengers have already experienced misadventures. In fact, some travelers even find themselves having to pay additional fees and see their luggage leave in the hold when they had planned and measured everything. Flying for a few days can sometimes be a source of stress since you never know if your suitcase or bag meets the standards (weight and dimensions).

Freebird offers low-cost baggage supplements

If you plan to take more than one piece of baggage with you or an item that weighs more than what is indicated in your reservation, you can buy one or more supplements online (page extra baggage), taking advantage of significant reductions in their prices.

Any additional baggage is anything you carry above your permitted baggage weight. If the traveler wishes to request that his baggage be transported on the flight, he will have to pay for it.

If a passenger has checked in more than one piece of baggage, each additional piece of baggage counts as baggage that requires payment of an additional charge to be carried.

The airline charges a fee for any additional baggage. The amount charged depends on the size of the bag and whether the bag is overweight or not.

In addition to the dimensions to respect, there are other very important rules to avoid inconvenience at the airport. First of all, make sure that your airline accepts your luggage, and know that it sometimes authorizes you to bring an additional personal item (camera, mobile computer, umbrella, …) depending on the capacity of the plane.

Freebird may ask you to pack your handbag in your suitcase before boarding. Sharp objects, such as scissors or box cutters, are also prohibited. Finally, remember that the liquids you carry should not exceed 100 ml. They must also be stored in a transparent plastic bag. For more ease when going through the checkpoint, also make sure to put your electronic objects in the same place so that you can take them out more easily.

Prohibited items in baggage

If you are planning to fly on vacation, be aware that Freebird prohibits a few items and products on board their aircraft. So you have to redo your luggage if it ever contains any.

According to Freebird’s regulations in terms of baggage transport, travelers are not allowed to take on board certain products, such as sharp tools and firearms, children’s toys, even dummy ones, as well as bladed weapons and sharp objects are not allowed in the cabin.

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