At Turkish Airlines, liquid transport is governed by a simple rule: Any liquid over 100 ml will be confiscated at the security check. Whether it’s water, cream, sunscreen, soft drink, deodorant, perfume or transparent hydroalcoholic gel, … it must be less than 100 ml and you must put it all in a transparent bag, a clearly visible toiletry bag, and take it out at the security check. There is also an option, which is to put it in a larger suitcase and check it in, thus avoiding these problems and explaining what you are carrying.

The liquids for which the question of transport arises are not only liquids. They are also pastes or gels such as toothpaste, all aerosols and pressurized contents, such as perfumes, shaving foam and foggers.

According to their volume, according to their composition, according to their need, they can travel in the hold or they will have to travel in the cabin. Some are simply prohibited, such as flammable liquids: say goodbye to a nail art session during the flight.

In particular to avoid the introduction of potentially dangerous substances, the transport of liquids in the cabin has been subject to numerous restrictions over the past two decades. Regardless of the airline, passengers today must limit themselves to bottles of small capacity and in limited numbers.

To what limit can you take liquid products with you on board the Turkish Airlines cabin, what are the authorized capacities and under what conditions?

Liquids allowed in hand baggage (Carry-on)

All liquids, gels, aerosols, … of less than 100 ml (1 Liter) transported in cabin baggage. Items are subject to certain restrictions due to aviation rules.

Containers must be transported separately in 20×20 cm transparent and ziplock bags, the size of which does not exceed 1 liter.

Each passenger can only carry one bag, and at the final security check you will be asked to remove the ziplock bag containing your liquids from your bag and run it through the x-ray machine.

Turkish Airlines may make an exception to the carriage of certain items

– Medication transportation:

Medicines can be stored in the cabin, but must be in their original packaging. A prescription on which is written the name/surname of the passenger with the medicines concerned or a health report indicating that these medicines must be used.

– Baby food

The baby must travel on the same plane and the amount of baby food must only be necessary during the trip can be transported in cabin baggage.

At the checkpoint, security officers may ask you to document the exception or taste the medicine, food, and liquid.

Restricted liquids in the cabin

All types of liquids including water, syrups, drinks, Creams, lotions, oils including cosmetic oils, all types of make-up products including cologne, perfumes, mascara (except solid lipsticks, shaving foams, deodorants, all types of pastes including toothpaste ingredients in the form. Or, non-solid foods such as jam, honey, yogurt, molasses and tomato paste and gels, contact lens liquids, shampoos, sprays and aerosols, and other substances similar to the substances listed above.

The following rules, including capacity limits and transport in transparent plastic bags, apply to all liquids that passengers are authorized to take into the cabins. These are first of all different food products:  Water, fruit juice, tea and coffee, honey and jams, syrups, spreads, soups and sauces, yogurts and fresh cheeses, oils and vinegars.

It then comes to all cosmetic and hygiene products: Gloss and mascara, toothpaste, shaving foam, care creams and moisturizers, sun and tanning creams, deodorants in spray, cream or ballpoint, shampoo, gel and hairspray.

Liquids prohibited in the cabin

All flammable, corrosive, incapacitating or explosive liquids are strictly prohibited in the cabin, including in small bottles.

Liquids allowed in the hold

Large quantities and liquids not essential for the trip can travel in the hold. When packing your suitcase, remember to check all your containers, and seal them well. Put liquids in a bag or pouch, as airtight as possible. Throughout their care, from check-in to the carpet where you collect your luggage, at destination, the suitcases are shaken.

Transport of liquids purchased in Duty Free at the airport

Passengers on a Turkish Airlines flight are authorized, before boarding, to make purchases in the tax-free zone, including for perfumes, within the limits set by the customs regulations in force. They can then board with their purchases in the cabin, including if the bottles exceed the authorized capacity. However, several conditions are imposed:

-Bottles and other liquids purchased in duty free are placed in a hermetically sealed bag by the seller. The customer must then above all not open them before the flight;

– The receipt must be kept. It must be presented at boarding.

On some THY flights, Turkish Airlines may consider a duty free bag as additional hand baggage and will not hesitate to charge you for it, unless you manage to fit it in your baggage. Contact their customer service for more information on this subject.

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